Top Massage Chairs Promotes Health Benefits Of Robotic Massage Chairs

Massage chairs can reduce stress and relieve pain from sore muscles, reports

Recent studies show that stress can have both short-term and long-term effects on the body and brain, with the latest research linking stress to memory loss and dementia. Other effects can include sleep disorders, high cholesterol, heart disease, and chronic muscle tension and pain. Among a plethora of stress-reducing treatments, massage is one of the most recommended due to its success in relaxing tense muscles and releasing endorphins that ease anxiety; however, the cost and time demands of professional massage therapy can be prohibitive. In hopes of bringing the benefits of massage to more stressed individuals,, a product review website, is promoting the stress-relieving health benefits of robotic massage chairs.

Said spokesperson Thomas Buffet, "I would say the majority of adults in the world today experience stress on a regular, or even daily, basis, and many people are suffering consequences. Massage therapy has been proven to not only reduce stress but to improve the symptoms of all kinds of stress-related conditions. With a robotic massage chair, you can get a high-quality, therapeutic massage as often as you want, and you can do it from the comfort of your home. We want customers to know the benefits that these chairs can offer, and we want to help them understand the differences among all the options that are out there."

First invented in Japan, the electronic chairs use internal motors and gears to massage the person sitting in the chair. Some chairs work only on the neck and back, while others can target the upper body, arms, and lower body, including the feet and legs. Massage chairs also vary in intensity from mild vibration to deep tissue massage. Built like recliners, some also offer the zero-gravity position, a fully-reclined position that minimizes the stress that gravity puts on the body.

"We love zero-gravity chairs," Buffet commented, "because they're so relaxing. Your weight is distributed evenly all throughout your body, and as soon as you're in the position, all your tension just melts away. When your body is completely relaxed, you get even more benefits from the massage, and the massage can go deeper because you're fully in contact with the rollers." For a recent review of a zero-gravity chair, see

However, robotic massage chairs don't have to be zero-gravity to offer many stress-relieving benefits, Buffet continued. "There are many different styles of chairs to choose from, and they all have different sets of features. We hope to provide the information that will help consumers find what's right for them."

Top Massage Chairs also offers reviews and product information on chairs and tables for use by massage therapists. For a list of recommended portable tables, see

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