Top Los Angeles Psychology Practice Announces Expansion Offering More Services

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Premier Los Angeles Psychologist announces practice expansion. Dr. Liana Georgoulis is pleased to welcome the addition of clinicians specializing in children, adolescents, and addiction treatment at Coast Psychological Services, located in Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles.

For the past ten years, Coast Psychological Services, (CPS), a private mental health practice in Southern California, has been addressing the mental health needs and challenges of people in the greater Los Angeles area and more recently throughout California via telehealth. Given the dramatic increase of mental health concerns over the past two years, Dr. Liana Georgoulis, Founder and Clinical Director of CPS is pleased to welcome additional staff who can address these needs. In addition to seeing clients of her own, her focus has been on building a team of specialized clinicians who can treat a wide range of problems and disorders based on the mental health needs of the public.

According to Dr. Georgoulis, it’s obvious a clinician cannot specialize in every disorder and effectively treat every individual who walks through the door. Also, an outpatient private practice setting can be isolating for mental health professionals, and having a collaborative team of clinicians can really provide so much support in a challenging field. Collaboration creates an exchange of ideas, keeps clinicians accountable for their work and growth, and provides support in a demanding field.

Mental Health Issues - Not Limited By Socioeconomic Status

With anxiety and mood disorders increasing significantly since the start of the pandemic, CPS is considered a lifeline for many. Folks are struggling with anxiety, depression, addiction, relationship problems, family conflict, loneliness, poverty, severe mental health disorders, parenting issues, stress and burnout, shame, and deficiency beliefs. This pandemic has been a humbling reminder that no one is immune to the social, political, economic, and health stressors we have been dealing with. Whether young or old, wealthy or poverty-stricken, single or coupled, working too much or not at all, people of every age, race, and socioeconomic background have been facing significant issues.

Psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers, and psychiatrists alike, are more in demand than ever and for the first time in history, teletherapy has now become a viable option for many mental health consumers in need of quality mental health services. Over the past almost two years, the number of calls coming into CPS for their services has been sobering. Dr. Georgoulis has expressed that there has been a greater need than ever before to treat the myriad of issues people are facing, adding, “I don’t think anyone would be surprised to hear that we are in a mental health crisis that is just as alarming as the other public health issues we are facing.”

Children and Adolescent Therapy - Increased Demand

CPS is especially seeing the harmful effects of this pandemic on children, adolescents, and families. Demand for child and adolescent therapists has skyrocketed. Working with children and teens is different from working with adults and involves an astute understanding of the developmental tasks and challenges they face. As a result, CPS is delighted to meet these needs with the continued expansion of their practice and children, teen, and family services.

CPS Welcomes New Clinicians to Meet These Demands

They are pleased to welcome the recent addition of child and adolescent psychotherapist, Shira Rebibo, LMFT. Shira has a skill and passion for her work with children and adolescents, and their families, who struggle with a wide range of issues including trauma, anxiety and mood disorders, ADHD, behavioral problems, and other issues. Utilizing interventions from cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, family therapy, and mindfulness-based therapies, Shira is dedicated to promoting positive changes in the children, teens, and families she works with.

In addition to a sharp increase in child and adolescent mental health issues, the effects of the pandemic and quarantine also yielded a notable rise in substance abuse and addiction-related problems.

“People have been forced to cope with a multitude of stressors over the past two years including social isolation and alienation, high levels of stress, fear of becoming sick, economic uncertainty, health-related issues, the transition to working from home, and navigating childcare and schooling issues, among other things.” ...Dr. Georgoulis

Alcohol, Substance Abuse, and Addictions Specialist

During times of extreme stress, people turn to alcohol and other substances to cope with painful emotions. This may create a very temporary solution to how people feel in the moment, but over time substance abuse and other addictions can lead to more severe mental health issues and problems in one’s environment and relationships.

Coast Psychological Services appreciates the opportunity to help people struggling with substance abuse and addiction disorders and is pleased to have addiction specialist and psychotherapist, Jennifer Gural, LPCC, LAADC as part of the team. Jennifer utilizes a wide range of techniques and interventions aimed toward reducing substance abuse and alcohol problems including cognitive behavior therapy, moderation management, 12-step facilitation, and clinical hypnosis.

Research-Based Treatments and Holistic Practices

Utilizing the latest and most effective research-based treatments and holistic practices, CPS wants its clients to see tangible results and learn tools that can be utilized for long-lasting change. They aim towards whole-hearted living and the integration of mind, body, spirit, and community. Each person who walks through the door is comprehensively assessed with the aim of having a truly accurate understanding of someone’s mental health concerns. Whether someone is struggling with minor concerns or more serious and chronic psychiatric disorders their psychotherapists focus on developing customized treatment plans that are based on a holistic blend of research-based therapies and scientifically supported techniques and interventions. These treatment interventions include cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness-based therapies, EMDR, couples therapy, family therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, hypnosis, and addiction treatment.

Los Angeles Psychologist with 20-Years’ Experience

CPS was founded by Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Liana Georgoulis, in 2012. She has been studying and practicing clinical psychology for over 20 years and attended the University of California, Los Angeles for her undergraduate degree in Psychology before completing her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. She currently works with individual clients, as well as couples, and also serves as the Clinic Director. She and her team of licensed psychotherapists provide both in-person and teletherapy sessions to suit every client’s needs.

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