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A home security system can provide peace of mind to homeowners and renters, but the choice of companies can be complicated. Fortunately, has just published their list of the top five home security companies in Denver, CO. "Consumers can see the rankings and reviews of these top companies on's website. As they investigate, they should look for certain characteristics.

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Local Roots

A company that is based in the neighborhood or region has a higher stake in the security of the local businesses and homes because the consumer-company relationship is more personal. The home security company's reputation depends on the satisfaction and safety of the locals. A company with extensive local presence is also better equipped to prevent and address safety breaches because it knows the local patterns. Finally, Hansen adds, "Neighbors and friends can provide recommendations for the company they use."

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Approval

Home security companies with approval from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), which is a non-profit organization that certifies companies as well as safety devices. UL approval is an indicator of quality services. To become approved, home security companies must have a dedicated alarm monitoring station, allow UL inspections, and train all monitoring staff in safety procedures.

Fair Service Contract

Two home security companies that seem identical at first glance can, in reality, be significantly different because of their contracts. Contracts can vary in their lengths, additional fees, promised services, and errors and omissions insurance in case there are mistakes in system installation or in a response to an alarm.

Consumers need to closely examine the terms that they are being offered instead of making assumptions about what the home security company will do for them. Hansen provides this example. "Some consumers make the mistake of assuming that the company will service their alarm system. If the alarm system breaks when the homeowner is locked into a multi-year contract with a company that will not service it, they will need to pay out of pocket to fix the system. That can be expensive."

Constant Monitoring and Repair Services

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A home security company should monitor the home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, because robberies and other emergencies can occur at any time. Furthermore, the company needs to be available to fix any equipment that gets damaged. A home alarm system is ineffective if it breaks on Friday and is not repaired until Monday morning after the weekend.

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