Top Chiropractic Marketing Expert Rob Green To Speak At Canadian Chiropractor Business Forum West

Rob Green, top chiropractic marketing expert and founder of Adversponse Communications Inc., will be speaking at the Canadian Chiropractor Business Forum West in Vancouver, BC on April 25, 2015. He will be presenting a speech on social media and search engines. This will recognize the fact that all businesses, including medical professionals, now have to start thinking about the role social media plays in the success of their organization.

"Through the use of search engine optimization (SEO), direct response marketing and online advertising like Google Adwords, Facebook, and retargeting" says Rob Green, top chiropractic marketing expert, "I make sure your practice gets in front of prospective patients who are looking for a chiropractor in your city."

During his speech, Green will untangle the complex web that is online marketing. He will speak together with Web Friendly founder Matt Astifan. Together, they will create a blueprint with step-by-step instructions, showing chiropractors how to enhance their businesses by using the internet. During this session, the two experts will demonstrate the important links between search engines, social media, pay per click advertisements and sites such as RateMDs and Yelp which are often overlooked when thinking about a local marketing. They will show that the combination of these things can create a marketing plan that is both effective and measurable. This, in turn, means that chiropractors should see an increase in new patients and a growth in revenue.

"I have spent my career building solid, long-term business relationships," says Matt Astifan. "After continually encountering businesspeople bewildered by Internet technology, I decided to apply my tech and business networking experience to social media, and founded Web Friendly, a company that teaches a smart approach to this online phenomenon."

The agenda for the Canadian Chiropractor Business Forum West is impressive and includes various educational sessions besides the one delivered by Green and Astifan. The first is on the art of collaboration and how to thrive in a practice that is now multidisciplinary. The second education session is on professional ethics in social media. There is also an educational session on risk assessment and management and Rob Green and Matt Astifan's educational session is the final one.

The Canadian Chiropractor Business Forum West also offers several networking breaks, during which the trade show will be open. In the middle of the day, their keynote speaker, Dr. Greg Stewart, will speak about becoming a global leader in the field of spinal healthcare. It is set to be a fascinating day with much to learn about all aspects of running a chiropractic business.

Registration for the Canadian Chiropractic Business Forum West is still open. Alternatively, people can connect with Rob on LinkedIn ( Matt Astifan also has a LinkedIn profile ( for those who wish to speak with him before the event itself. Together, they are set to deliver a fascinating educational speech that is bound to be interesting for those who want to make sure their chiropractic practice can keep up with the modern world and attract new patients in an environment that is becoming increasingly digital by the day.


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