Top chefs across the world wear HELT

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We are Helt Studio. We are a kitchen uniform company, but we got our start in the restaurant industry. Why does that matter?

In a word: experience. We know what it is like, firsthand, to slip into that chef jacket for the first time and it just feels right. We also know what it's like to encounter a spill and wish you had a water repellent apron, a water-resistant apron, or a quick-dry apron. We know that your uniform matters - it defines your business, your mission, and your workplace culture.

We are Helt Studio, and we want to keep in touch with our roots. We understand the needs of today's kitchens. That's why we use technically advanced CrewTech fabric to make better uniforms for all the hard workers making it happen behind the scenes of your favorite restaurants. We want to help you work harder, smarter, and look good doing it.

What is CrewTech fabric? We've worked with the same textile experts behind today's top sportswear brands to create the CrewTech apron and chef coat. Our products are soft and comfortable, providing ample mobility for active work environments. The best part? The CrewTech apron or chef jacket is anti-microbial, sweat and moisture-wicking, and fast-drying, just like your favorite athletic wear. That's what you need during a tough day in the kitchen. That is why we're at the center of a uniform revolution.

What about tough stains? We want you to look your best, and that's why we've created a water-resistant apron. The "hydrophobic weave" of this quick-dry apron causes liquids to bead on its surface rather than sinking in. The result? You'll be able to spot clean most stains, including dreaded wine and coffee spills. Our technical workwear is also machine washable for even easier cleanup.

We're also made in Los Angeles. That means we're homegrown, right here in the U.S.A. It also means that we bring L.A.'s international flavor to the table - from the chef coat to the customized apron, the Helt Studio's kitchen uniform is popping up around the country and around the world. You'll find our products at work in restaurants ranging from Top Chef Shirley Chung's modern Chinese venues in California to Silvia Barban's New York Italian renaissance.

Would you like to be a part of Helt Studio's uniform revolution? Now you can, when you outfit your crew with today's most advanced technical workwear, made in Los Angeles. Make your mark with a customized apron, chef coat, or chef jacket. Keep things clean when you choose a water-resistant apron or quick-dry apron.

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