Top 6 Best Memory Foam Mattress Toppers Announced by Bedroom Solutions

Infographic Reveals 4 Critical Criteria to Consider When Selecting a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

“In comparison to slow spring back memory foam originally developed by NASA in the 1960s, third generation memory foam with open-cell technology not only springs back fast, but also melts and molds around the sleeper’s body quickly. However, in spite of these recent technological advances, even some of today’s so called best memory foam mattress toppers sag prematurely and heat up excessively” warns Belinda Palmer, a spokeswoman for Bedroom Solutions.

This TOP 6 Memory Foam Mattress Topper Comparison was recently published to educate consumers on the Pros and Cons of different brands of mattress toppers, so that shoppers can easily distinguish a low-quality topper from a high-quality one.

The above review and comparison has been compiled based on a variety of criteria such as (1) memory foam density, (2) mattress topper thickness, (3) firmness, (4) hypoallergenicity, (5) resistance to dust mites, (6) whether memory foam is gel-infused or not, (7) safety certifications, and (8) consumer reviews.

Visit http://Bedroom.Solutions/Mattress-Toppers/Memory-Foam/ to learn about these 6 best memory foam mattress toppers and to read an educational infographic that reveals 4 critical criteria to be considered when shopping for a memory foam topper.

According to the aforementioned infographic, the choice of memory foam mattress topper depends on (1) one’s sleeping position, (2) the condition of the mattress the topper will be placed on, (3) the level of therapeutic support expected, and (4) the sleeper’s body weight.

“The sleeping position plays a major role in the choice of mattress topper. Unfortunately, there isn’t a one size fits all type of a mattress topper that suits every sleeping position. Each sleeping position demands a different firmness for proper alignment of the spinal cord. For example, side-sleepers require soft memory foam mattress toppers, while back-sleepers require firm mattress toppers. The side-sleeping position calls for extra softness to allow the shoulders to sink deep in to the mattress, so that the spinal cord stays nice and straight. Given the important role it plays when selecting a mattress topper, it is crucial that one pays close attention to memory foam firmness, also known as indentation force deflection (IFD), before he or she decides on which mattress topper to purchase” explains Palmer. The infographic contains easy-to-understand graphics that illustrate the best type of memory foam mattress topper for side, back, and stomach sleeping positions.

“In addition to firmness, mattress topper thickness should also be considered when selecting a gel memory foam topper” explains Palmer. “The shoulders of a side-sleeper will sink into a soft mattress as long as the thickness of the topper can accommodate it. However, a shoulder width of 8 inches cannot sink into a 2-inch thick foam mattress topper, regardless of how soft it may be. This is why the above-mentioned infographic recommends toppers with a minimum thickness of 3 – 4 inches for side-sleepers. On the other hand, a stomach-sleeper should not sleep on a thick topper because that will put his/her spinal cord out of alignment. This is why 1 – 2 inch thick foam toppers are best suited for stomach sleepers” she elaborates.

The above list of best memory foam mattress toppers comprises of popular brands like Nature’s Sleep, Serta, and Slumber Solutions as well as not-so-popular brands like Dream DNA and Sleep Innovations. While some of these toppers are exclusively available online, others can be purchased through local mattress stores as well.

In addition to reviewing the best rated memory foam mattress toppers, Bedroom Solutions has published a guide to help consumers decide if their mattress-related problem could be solved with a mattress topper or if they actually need to replace the existing mattress.

This Infographic on 5 Facts and Myths on Memory Foam Toppers provides a detailed description about how to choose between a memory foam mattress and a mattress topper.

“One of the biggest myths floating around says that high-quality memory foam toppers can fix any mattress-related problem. This is far from the truth” explains Palmer. “Just like the comfort level of a mattress is dependent on the bed platform underneath it, a mattress topper is only as good as the mattress lying under it. A topper, no matter how expensive it is, cannot flatten the deep sagging or hard lumps of an old mattress. However, mattress toppers can work wonders for shallow indentations and mattresses that are either too soft, too firm, or too warm. Mattresses that are too soft can be easily fixed with a firm latex mattress topper, while a mattress that is too firm can be fixed by laying a soft memory foam topper over it. Mattresses that sleep too hot during summer months can be made cool by laying a cool gel memory foam mattress topper over it” Palmer highlights.

“Contrary to popular belief, a magical memory foam topper capable of solving all mattress woes does not exist. Correctly identifying the problem and selecting a suitable topper that can solve that specific problem are critical when shopping for a memory foam mattress topper” advises Palmer.

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