Top 5 Home Security Systems in Dallas, TX - Read Our Reviews's list of top-ranked home security companies in Dallas, TX is now available to the public. The list consists of the current top five home security companies. Patricia Muneca describes the list as "a valuable resource for anyone interested in protecting their home."

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"The home is a valuable asset whether you rent or buy. It needs to be secure to ensure that residents can continue to live their lives with peace of mind. The choice of home security companies is an important factor in home safety, and Home Security Professor has provided this list to give examples of some of the considerations to make when investigating the various options." Some of the major considerations when choosing a home security company are listed here.

Reliable Equipment and Service

"Their alarm system needs to be working or the home security service is useless," says Muneca. An alarm system and any other equipment that the company provides should come with a warranty. This can include door and window sensors, smoke detectors, video surveillance cameras, and remote control devices. The warranty should include parts and service for at least a year, and the company should be prepared to work on evenings and weekends to keep the home safe.


Online reviews and word of mouth can give potential customers a picture of the home security company's reputation. Friends and neighbors who are long-time customers are in a position to give the most accurate reports of a company's service. Widespread dissatisfaction is a red flag.

"One's neighbors are not the only individuals that should know a lot about the home security company," explains Muneca. "Potential criminals should also know that the company is present and effective in the neighborhood." Indicators that the home security company has an effective presence can include window decals, yard signs, and a long history of doing business locally. Muneca says, "If the company were not effective, it would not stay in business for long."

Comprehensive Service

A company that makes the sale, installs and maintains the equipment, monitors the home, and responds to incidents itself can be less expensive and more effective than a company that subcontracts various services. A single company is more easily able to maintain complete client records. It also has a higher stake in good-quality service because of its roots in the local area. In contrast, contracting out various services can lead to delays in alarm system repair or in incident response. Both of these delays could be costly.

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Recognized Certification

Underwriters Laboratories, an independent company, has a certification program for home alarm system. A company with UL-certified systems has met criteria for UL standards for safety and code compliance. "Some companies that do not have UL certification are still high-quality, dependable businesses," says Muneca. "The problem is that consumers are taking a risk when they opt for an uncertified company."

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