TOP 5 Best iPad Air Cases with and without Bluetooth Keyboards Reviewed and Compared

Reviews of budget-friendly and high quality iPad Air smart covers and wireless keyboards published by tablet things.

It is agreed among iPad Air owners that a high quality case is a must if the tablet is to be kept in top shape. In a somewhat packed market, the most common problem faced by iPad Air case shoppers is how the ideal tablet case can be picked from the hundreds of cases available in-store and online.

The popular website has stepped into the discussion recently by comparing and reviewing the 5 Best iPad Air cases with keyboards, without keyboards and budget iPad Air cases. Given the popularity of the 5th generation Apple iPad Air, these comparisons are huge time savers for anyone looking to purchase a smart case or cover for their iPad.

“Not all iPad Air cases are made equal,” commented Casey Donalds, the proprietor of Tablet Things. “Those made with cheap material that provide no cushioning and/or easily crease must be avoided by all means. Same goes for iPad Air Keyboard Cases with frequent Bluetooth connection drops. However, there are some very high quality iPad cases out there for a very affordable price, and we're happy to present our findings in an easily understandable format to our readers”.

One of the unique features of their review is the fact that iPad Air cases with and without Bluetooth keyboards are addressed separately. That makes it easy for consumers to directly research the specific category of iPad cover they want. In addition, they also categorize iPad cases as those that are budget friendly and not. The most budget-friendly cases may not be the most durable or most feature-rich, however, they provide the basic protection needed for the expensive 5th generation Apple iPad. Budget models are available for as little as $12.

Some of the cases reviewed in different categories include: the ZAGGkeys Backlit iPad Air Keyboard Case; the Belkin QODE Ultimate Bluetooth iPad Air Keyboard Case; and the MoKo Apple iPad Air Smart Case to name just a few.

Compared to the very expensive cases for the iPad Air available at the Apple store, there are many cheaper cases offered by third party vendors. The trick to finding a high-quality case is to methodically go through a check list of features the ideal tablet case should possess. simplifies this task by discussing 10 different criteria that one needs to consider before purchasing an iPad case.

In addition to reviewing tablet cases, they have also published reviews on standalone wireless Bluetooth keyboards and iPad stands. Customers are already expressing their appreciation for the useful and well organized reviews. Emily B., a pro-blogger from Boston recently said, “I love Tablet Things. The review on the 5 Best iPad Air Cases saved me the headache of having to dig through individual reviews to make the comparisons myself”.

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