Top 5 Atlanta Home Security Systems Reviewed

Atlanta, GA / May 21, 2014 / analyzed the various home security companies and has just released their top 5 picks for Atlanta, GA. Once consumers choose one of the top home security companies, they need to understand how a home security system works so they can choose the company and equipment that meets their particular needs the best.

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Minimum-security coverage

According to Nancy Kimmel, "If an individual decides to purchase minimum security coverage, the security system should include a control panel, the alarm itself, as well as enough detectors to cover each window and exterior door in the home."

Know what to look for in a home security system

When considering which home security system to choose, individuals should think about what they are trying to protect, for example their family, valuables and pets.

1. Fast response time

A home security system is designed to notify local emergency services if a threat is detected. A fast response time is essential.

2. Panic button

The panic button is a silent alarm that is designed to alert emergency services and the security company without sounding the home's alarm.

3. Additional safety options

Many home security companies are now offering consumers additional alerts for flood, fire, carbon monoxide and natural gas leaks. Kimmel states, "Every homeowner should strongly consider adding fire, carbon monoxide and natural gas detectors to their home security systems," she continues stating, "These detectors save lives."

4. Video monitoring equipment

Some home security companies offer video monitoring equipment. This equipment is perfect for individuals to keep an eye on their children while they are away. Kimmel addresses the importance of video monitoring for parents, "Parents frequently worry when they are not with their children, which is understandable. With a home security system that offers video monitoring equipment, parents can put their minds at ease because they can keep an eye on their kids even while they are away from home."

5. Remote notifications

Individuals who travel can use remote notifications to watch his/her home using a mobile device with an online account. This type of equipment is also ideal for those who want to keep an eye on their vacation home.

6. Automatic dimmer switches

Burglars look for vacant homes, which is why choosing a company that offers an automatic dimmer switch is perfect for individuals who spend a lot of time away from home.

7. Mobile apps

Security system companies offer numerous options to consumers including glass break detectors and motion detectors. These additional detectors have been around for quite some time; however, consumers now have the ability to protect their homes with mobile apps designed to be used with a Smartphone or tablet. These mobile apps give consumers the ability to monitor their homes no matter where they are.

What to avoid in a home security system

- Wired systems are inferior to wireless systems in that a burglar can just snip a wire and he/she is in the home despite the alarm system.

- If an individual has difficulty contacting the personnel of his/her home security company, it may be time to look for another more reputable security company.

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Kimmel says, "An individual needs to find a home security system that meets his/her needs." She continues stating that, "Supportive features and communication abilities are very important because these are the features that make an individual feel safe and secure whether at home or away."



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