Tooth Guru Publishes New Guide To Dealing With Tooth Pain Using Handy Home Remedies

Tooth Guru has created a new guide to dealing with tooth pain using household items and foodstuffs to help people manage their pain until they can get a dentists appointment.

Tooth pain can be one of the most excruciating and distracting pains in the human body, and it is surprisingly resistant to common treatment. Painkillers don’t work well on tooth pain because they enter the whole blood stream and have a generalized effect. Local anesthetics however are not available without a prescription. Tooth Guru is a website dedicated to oral health, and has recently published a new guide to home remedies that can provide localized relief to those suffering from a tooth ache until they can get a dentists appointment to have it treated professionally.

The site offers a practical guide to dealing with tooth pain, with handy tricks like placing a slice of lemon on the affected area which disinfects the tooth and gum with citric acid, promoting healing with vitamin C and preventing problematic buildups.

The site also gives advice on how individuals can alter their eating habits to better manage tooth pain, and recommends gargling with salt water regularly to prevent infection which can lead to much more serious complications.

The new editorial is part of a series including remedies for bad breath, dry mouth and more, all featured on the site and on their Facebook page, which already has a large following.

A spokesperson for explained, “Tooth Guru is a brilliant place to start if people are looking for immediate and viable ways to reduce tooth pain, combat bad breath or dry mouth. We have created these guides using knowledge drawn from expert sources, and explained the science behind how they work so individuals can be confident when using this advice to lessen their pain. We of course recommend that an appointment to see a dentist should be made as soon as possible, but we are sympathetic to the fact that such pain requires immediate action, and that’s what we aim to help with.”

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Tooth Guru offers a simple guide to tooth pain relief, with practical advice and guidance on oral health and hygiene to help people keep teeth and gums clean and healthy. The site is regularly updated and has completely original content published by experts in the field.

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