Tongue Cleaner Market 2019: Global Key Players, Trends, Share, Industry Size, Segmentation, Opportunities, Forecast To 2025

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Global Tongue Cleaner Market

For oral care, there exists a device termed as a tongue cleaner. A tongue cleaner helps in treating the bad odour of the breath and cleans the coating of the tongue. As a daily oral activity, tongue cleaners are used by an individual for 30 seconds on an average to scrape and clean the upper coating of the tongue. Dentists recommend the use of tongue cleaner daily. The people who suffer from halitosis must strictly use the tongue cleaner.

An advanced research on the tongue cleaner market has concluded that a tongue cleaner is more effective at removing bacteria and toxins from the tongue than a toothbrush. Although flossing and brushing can loosen and move debris around, they do not really remove the harmful bacteria. Almost half of the oral bacteria live on and inside the deep crevices of our tongue. The scraping action of a tongue cleaner collects the harmful coatings from the tongue and removes them from the body. The tongue scrapers are usually manufactured of rubber or plastic, but they can also be developed using silver or aluminium metals.

The leading market players operating in the global tongue cleaner market are actively focusing on innovation in production technologies to enhance efficiency and shelf life of the products. The reasonable long-term growth opportunities for this sector can be occupied by ensuring ongoing process modifications and economical flexibility to invest in optimal strategies. The increased use of disposable tongue cleaners can support overall market growth. The rising per capita spending on oral-care products is expected to fuel the product demand during the forecast period. Rising awareness about oral health care may increase the demand for tongue scrapers.


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Market Segmentation

The tongue cleaner market can be segmented as per its uses and applications. Its market growth is being analyzed on the basis of family and commercial use. Commercially, different types of tongue cleaners are available to market depending on the type of infection to be treated. Further, the tongue cleaner market is fragmented based on its types. In general, the tongue cleaners are made up of rubber or plastic. Nowadays, silver or aluminum tongue cleaners are also available in the market. The report covers both types of tongue cleaner market share. The metal type tongue cleaner is more popular among the users. The disposable tongue cleaners account for a substantial share in the global tongue cleaner market.


Regional Analysis

Tongue cleaning is an important part of oral care. For bad breath, halitosis and other oral infections, the tongue cleaners are being widely used by the people across the world. Therefore, the market of tongue cleaners is boosting all around. The Asia Pacific is expected to be the prominent market, accounting for substantial market shares in the tongue cleaner market. The growth of the region is attributed to the availability of a large number of tongue cleaner manufacturers and advanced-level product innovation and R&D activities. The North American markets may witness significant growth owing to the rising consumer awareness and growing incidences of oral diseases.


Industry Buzz

Experts suggest that tongue scraper can effectively remove the odour causing bacteria from the tongue, which further considerably alleviates the degree of halitosis. The American Dental Association said in a report that cleaning your tongue may not be the only solution to keep the bad breath or halitosis away, but it is indeed a way to make sure your oral health is fine-tuned. As per ADA, using tongue scraper can be considered beneficial for the safety and overall well being of the mouth.


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