Toddler and Child Carrier Continues to Gain Millions of Views

Piggyback Rider, viral child and toddler carrier, has gained millions of followers worldwide as it approaches its two year anniversary.

PHOENIX, AZ/ — Piggyback Rider, the world’s first and only standing toddler and child carrier for active family adventures, continues to be known and enjoyed by millions around the world. This innovative toddler backpack carrier allows families to easily experience a wide range of activities, from hiking, events, travel and vacation.

Full Sail International, LLC (FSI), a family owned and operated company that specializes in re-innovating existing products and creating new ones, is about to celebrate the two-year anniversary of its viral child and toddler backpack carrier, the Piggyback Rider.

Since a video for its toddler carrier system garnered an astonishing 32 million views over just one weekend in 2017, Piggyback Rider has proven popular with celebrities and consumers alike. The toddler carrier that went viral now has over 100 million views on Facebook and hundreds of thousands of hits on Instagram, celebrity sightings, Twitter and YouTube.

FSI Managing Partner and inventor, Bryan Lifshitz, says, “It’s still astonishing that we’ve been seen by over 100 million people worldwide and everyday there are still so many more people who are just learning about Piggyback Rider.  I can’t wait to see the new family adventures from each of you and see where you Ride the Bar!”

A standing toddler hiking backpack, Piggyback Rider uses an innovative design that takes advantage of parents’ natural instincts to carry children on their backs. This toddler backpack carrier allows the child to stand safely behind the adult on an aluminium bar, placing the child’s weight comfortably on the adult’s hips. In addition, Piggyback Rider includes hand straps for the child to hold onto, as an extra safety harness for greater peace of mind.

Piggyback Rider has truly become a successful viral lifestyle brand that has implemented a number of attractive marketing initiatives, leading the child carrier space.  To learn more about its innovating design and how it is helping parents and their children to bond all over the world, visit

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