Todd Hill & Flipping Big/Flip It To Win It Can Now Be Viewed On Google Play

The popular television show from HGTV “Flip It To Win It” is now viewable via Google Play at no cost.

The HGTV show “Flip It To Win It” can now be seen on Google Play.

Todd Hill has made real estate investment a successful venture with the use of a proven on demand system that automates funding and financing to make investment capital an ease to obtain. The techniques that are used and taught by the television series Flipping Big/Flip It To Win It are geared to address the challenges faced with real estate financing and to help prevent those new to the arena from becoming frustrated with the work involved.

Todd Hill, a premier real estate investor in the U.S. has just released his new training curriculum and he shows his personal secrets beginning a real estate business with little or no experience at all. The Flip It To Win It training begins with training from a top financing expert in the nation and uses a real world application that will assist students with gaining access to the latest funding techniques as they come out. Students are able to proceed through the course at their own pace and they will be able to absorb the information at a comfortable, no pressure pace.

The curriculum includes learning to have personal business success by gaining the skills needed to work with others in the industry and increase their own future. Students are also shown how to develop their own social skills in order to become more productive when negotiating with buyers and sellers.

All mentors throughout the training course are highly successful investors and trainers. Students will have training that includes working side by side with professionals in the field that will assist with goal setting, training and success. Students that have completed the course have been able to gain a mastery in their personal markets.

Those that are interested in learning more and want to learn more about how they can begin their training can visit Todd Hill’s website,

About Todd Hill
Todd Hill is the CEO of Flipping Big and he specializes in lead sourcing for motivated buyers, sellers and lenders working in the real estate wholesale industry. Todd has experience in all aspects of real estate from building and rehabs to investments and property development. Todd’s devotion to seeing a project through from start to finish has been clearly shown through his work on his popular HGTV show, Flip It to Win It. Todd not only has a great devotion to the real estate industry, but he also donates to elementary schools and assists in his own community.

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