TodayLabs Launches Nationwide Discrete STD Testing For Faster Results and Diagnosis

TodayLabs is a new company that is offering the fastest turnaround available on STD tests to help individuals get the help they need to rid themselves of these diseases.

Last year, the Centers for Disease Control released information revealing that as many as twenty million sexual transmitted infections are diagnosed every year, and in some cases over half of these are in people aged 15-24. These alarming figures have a real social and economic impact on the country as a whole, and the CDC has recommended prompt diagnosis and rapid treatment as the most important factors in reducing this figure. TodayLabs is a new company that gives customers access to confidential clinics throughout the US and specializes in rapid testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections.

The clinics can be found by visiting the website, where individuals can put in their city, state or zip-code to find the nearest TodayLabs clinic. They are then asked which tests they require and can get tested in the same day, with results back to them in less than 48 hours.

The clinics can test for the most common STDs like gonorrhea and chlamydia as well as more serious STDs like hepatitis and HIV. No matter what concerns or symptoms individuals have, they will be able to get fast and reliable, verified diagnoses from TodayLabs clinics faster than anywhere else.

A spokesperson for TodayLabs explained, “Sexual transmitted diseases are especially virulent because they can be passed on before any symptoms present themselves. We recommend anyone with concerns who has undertaken unprotected sex should undergo basic tests for the most common STDs to ensure they are clear before continuing sexual activity. Obviously, the best protection from STDs is to use condoms, as they are the only form of contraception that also inhibits the transmission of STDs, but in cases where condoms have not been used, individuals should get tested before engaging with another partner. We can make that turnaround time as short as possible for ultimate peace of mind or rapid action.”

About TodayLabs:
TodayLabs is a new company that helps people get tested quicker for STDs. Established in late 2013, the company offers discrete STD testing at labs across the country. The customer has their choice of lab and all users receive their results back as fast as possible so they can take immediate action should the tests be positive.

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