To Avoid Pitfalls Of Septic Tanks, Proseptic Launches Maintenance Campaign

Becoming aware of problems through maintenance and inspections is the key to a long lasting septic tank

According to recent data released, approximately 25% of all homes are served by onsite/septic systems, further, over half of the onsite systems are over 30 years old, significantly increasing the likelihood of imminent failure. With this in mind, Proseptic (, a local expert drainage and septic tank system firm, has launched a campaign to urge homeowners to have their septic tanks inspected.

According to spokesperson Tom Poole, "When you have a home dependent on a septic tank, it's only a matter of time before the soakaway is going to fail." The soakaway, he goes on to explain, is a pit filled with rocks and rubble. This large pit is where waste goes and eventually soaks away into the ground, and ultimately, it will need repairs.

Poole goes on to say this educational and informational push by their firm is to make consumers aware when there are problems. "There are a number of signs the soakaway is failing. Toilets may be overflowing or the drains may be making gurgling sounds. Many homeowners report emptying a sink, only to have it back up into the shower or tub. This is a sign you need to call in an expert. But, by attacking the problem ahead of time with inspections and routine maintenance, homes can often avoid overflows where the washing machine is hooked-up or wet waste showing up on your land."

Other signs that it's too late for maintenance include smelly odors emanating from the drain and slow flushing toilets. However, says Poole, by contacting experts for an inspection, consumers can have the issues explained to them and gain advice on the best course of action. "Knowledgeable engineers such as those at Proseptic (, should be able to arrange a proper time to visit your property, thoroughly offer in-depth inspections, and provide a diagnosis.

Poole explains what happens during a Proseptic ( inspection, saying, "The first step is to ascertain the condition of the tank, then inspect the soakaway for issues. A quality company should be able to record all pipe inspections and a CCTV investigation. Then the experts will collate all the findings and provide you a detailed breakdown of the problems and the suggested solutions. But the point is, if you have a routine maintenance, you can avoid all of the heartache and increased costs."

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