To Am Xanh Reveals Why Mosquito Net Door Are Better Than Toxic Chemicals

To Am Xanh reveals in their new posts section about why using mosquito net door is better than toxic chemicals to prevent mosquitos and insects.

To Am Xanh, a top Vietnamese company expert in installing and supplying safety nets, mosquito nets, and canvas sunshade rain wrote an article in their new post section. The article written by the company representative reveals why mosquito net doors are better than toxic chemicals for preventing insects. The report starts with the material used in the making of mosquito net door. According to the representative, the mosquito net door consists of two main parts; one is the frame and the mesh. The frame is made of high-quality aluminum alloy; it is rust-proof, thick, and durable. The aluminum frame is delicately designed so that it can fully embrace the mesh part. Frame part also determines the aesthetics of the entire door.

To enhance durability and beauty, people can paint on it with electrostatic paint, which includes wood grain, white porcelain, and grey. The other part is the mesh section that decides the use of the product. High-quality mosquito nets are made up of high-quality fiberglass or 304/316 stainless steel that enhances its durability. The mesh is elastic, flexible, naturally shiny material, and is covered with a thin layer of uPVC plastic on the outside that helps meshes to stick together. These materials are not mixed with impurities or produce harmful chemicals to the environment; thus, they are not only safe for humans but also eco-friendly.

Further, in the article, the company representative reveals the advantage of using mosquito net doors. One of the main benefits is that it prevents mosquitos, snakes, and insects from entering the house, hence reduces the risk of sickness and increases sanitation. Another advantage is that it is suitable for any space such as houses, villas, offices, and apartments. People can use it as a window or as a door. Unlike traditional gates, this mosquito net door will allow air and sunlight to pass through, thus, reduces the usage of electricity. Once this door is installed, it can last up to 10 years. They are affordable and more versatile than ordinary iron and wooden doors. It is easy to clean this door and is eco-friendly.

Vietnamese people can contact To Am Xanh, if they are looking for a supplier specializing in installing mosquito nets for their home. This company also offers a wide range of safety nets, canvas sunshade rain, and smart drying rigs.

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