TNA Heating and Cooling Optimizes Cost/Savings Relationship With New High SEER HVAC Insights

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TNA Heating and Cooling has created a new guide to the best HVAC products and approaches to help people invest wisely and reap the rewards of a savings legacy on energy.

Under the new federal mandate of April 24th 2014, manufactures of central heating and air conditioners must make all equipment meet a minimum 14 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ration (SEER). TNA Heating and Cooling owner Tamara N Allen-Browne, recently analyzed the one point SEER increase from a consumer perspective, and shared insights on the company website.

For Las Vegas companies, the SEER increase will result in between $3 and $19 saved per month in Las Vegas, where temperatures can reach 120 degrees in late summer. Offsetting these modest savings is the substantial price increase between 13 SEER and 14 SEER units, costing at least $600 more, and as much as $3,400 more.

Doing the calculation, Tamara reveals that -assuming the energy savings is $20 a month at peek temperatures and $15 for mild days- annual savings are under $125. Those that have heat pump systems might save $50 more.

The argument then is more for replacing systems over eight years old, which are only 10 SEER, making the investment more worthwhile, and the new systems’ 10 year warranties mean it will be the last unit buyers need invest in for at least a decade.

Tamara concludes that the 14 SEER mandate is a broad stroke environmental move by the DOE. Though not everyone will embrace it, Tamara stated that she is all for increasing the efficiency rating of central air conditioners. Most Las Vegas homeowners may not cash in on the SEER rate savings each month, but it will improve the national eco footprint.

A spokesperson for TNA Heating and Cooling explained, “A poorly designed and built home will cause a bigger impact to people’s energy consumption than a highly efficient HVAC system. However, making a few renovations designed to increase efficiency like improved insulation, combined with an efficient HVAC system, can make a big difference. When the units are standardized next year, the playing field will be leveled and companies will have to bring prices down to get an edge on the competition, so now is the best time to be planning an upgrade.”

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