TMJ Specialist Dr. Mintz Updates Resource Center With New Oral Sleep Apnea Devices

Dr. Mintz specializes in treating temporomandibular joint pain and sleep apnea, and has added a range of the latest oral sleep devices to his online resource center.

Oral health is about much more than the teeth, though this is often not appreciated by anyone except those with more complex problems. Temporomandibular joint pain is a surprisingly common problem, and causes sufferers extreme pain. Sleep apnea can be dangerous to health, yet little is known about the condition beyond the fact it causes annoying snoring. Dr. Sylvan Mintz is a sleep apnea expert in Maryland, and is on a mission to spread better awareness of these and related conditions, and his website features an online resource center with comprehensive information.

The online resources have just been updated with the latest oral sleep apnea devices, with analysis given on their use and function by Dr. Mintz himself. The resource center includes high quality imagery, and a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of each oral appliance Each device is named and its principle function explained, so individuals can quickly shortlist items relative to their condition.

For any questions that remain, Dr. Mintz is happy to offer a consultation to analyze the problems people are facing and what the best strategies and equipment might be to effectively reduce symptoms and bring people back to health.

A spokesperson for Dr. Mintz explained, “We are pleased to be able to help people discover the latest technological innovations that can help people transform their oral health and manage the symptoms of serious conditions to improve their quality of life. The work Dr. Mintz undertakes is tireless, and not widely understood, even by those who may suffer from these very same conditions. By raising awareness that help is available, Dr. Mintz is helping spread the word that relief is out there, and that oral health can be managed and improved exponentially with the right help and diagnosis.”

About Dr. Mintz: Dr. Sylvan Mintz was awarded a Degree in Dentistry (DDS) from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. Dr. Mintz continued his post-graduate education with a Master of Science in Dentistry (MScD) in Pediatric Dentistry, and now specializes in TMJ dysfunction, facial pain, and dental sleep medicine in Bethesda. His website has been developed to provide information about these specialties together with information on the practice.

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