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Ever thought of linking numbers with your personality, behaviour, emotion and characteristics? The idea of studying the relationship between numbers and each of these human trait boils down to the science of numerology and destiny number. If you are having problems understanding this concept which is originated from the West but enhanced by the Chinese, look no further than giving this a read and grasp the basic idea of how numerical patterns and celestial bodies could complement our daily lives and help to solve problems related our personal developments.

Generally, numerology refers to the study of life path number together with the movements and relative positions of the sun on the influence of the human affairs and natural world. The influence will then be observed by numerology master to craft out the suitable pathway one will need to go through in his life. Take one example, knowing one’s birthday date could lead to the uncovering of the hidden meanings behind as well as discover the true characteristic of that person. Based on these information can then a numerologist work out the purpose he or she should serve in life or the principle he or she shall withhold in future. The decision taken will then have an impact on that person future development no matter how good or bad is the situation.

Now you would think how on earth could numerologist work out his magic based on just some illogic mathematical theories or inconceivable pseudoscience. Well hold on! There is more to the mystical studies of constellations and numbers, there are interactions within these web of elements which could help you if you know how to capitalise on the hidden meanings! Here is how numerology could help you:

-Realize your own strength and weakness. Numerology helps you to know yourself in a much deeper scale and understand how to make use of the strength in your career while improving on things you are lacking of.

-Improve your relationship with people around you. Understanding other people’s behaviour will shape you into a more compassionate person and thus helps to improve connectivity and compatibility with your surrounding people.

-Become a better leader. Leader is someone who knows how to manage people and good in assigning people to a specific task or role. So are you capable of leading a team of people and achieve something great? The answer is clear to see.

People nowadays tend to be more result-oriented and hence forgo the importance of emotional intelligence as well as the ability to read other’s thoughts and actions. We huff and puff along our lives without knowing exactly who we are and what should we accomplish to fulfil the spiritual needs our body and soul need. Scientific studies are all the craze and established yardstick to gauge our daily activities, thoughts and actions. But what most of us do not know is how this culture has blinded most of us in understanding our true self and others. How many times have you meditate or introspect to discover your own thoughts, actions, behaviour and hidden potential which could lead to a better pathway or shape a better you?

The norm quote ‘your destiny is in your hands’ which govern people’s mind indirectly urge them to achieve things that requires a tremendous amount of time and effort or lead them to think they can do anything as long as they persevere. It is only partly true. The naked truth is, persevere in the right way, taking the right chances and risk, taking up the right endeavour. Join our numerology course conducted by Mr. Water Tan to discover the wonders behind numerology and craft your own destiny and future based on your true calling. Your destiny in fact, is in your hands!

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