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Black German Shepherd puppies are a surprise to many people, The breed has a solid dark color coat which may cause them to be mistaken for a mixed breed or another dog breed. There are distinct variations which set them apart from a standard German Shepherd. The appearance of the Black German Shepherds is very appealing. The puppies are even more attractive to most people. In addition, the Black GSD dogs are excellent companions, family dogs, police dogs, or service dogs. They are known for a uniform appearance, high trainability, and stable temperament.

The black coat of the breed is due to either a dominant or recessive gene. Even a German Shepherd that is not all black can hold the gene and produce solid black puppies. An inquiry into the dog's ancestry and bloodline will help to determine whether breeding is an option. The coat color will be ascertained by seven to eight weeks when the outer coat has fully developed.

The Black GSD has the traditional look of the breed, although their backs are straighter and they are larger when compared to the standard version. The coat length ranges from short to long with a feathering, flowing or skirting appearance.

The breed is not typically aggressive, although socialization from an early age is critical. When he is with family, the dog is approachable and easy-going. They are great guard dogs, but also needs attention and time with the owner. The strong appearance of the Black German Shepherd can be off-putting to strangers, but in reality, they have stable and pleasant temperaments. As guard dogs, or when danger is perceived, the breed will protect their owners at all costs.

Black German Shepherds are excellent with children. The first meetings should be under close supervision. Consideration of the size and enthusiasm of the breed should be noted, especially around young children.

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