Tips For Dressing Your Child For Every Season

Tips For Dressing Your Child For Every Season

Ilithy is your source for quality baby, kids, and moms’ products that make parenthood easier and more enjoyable. With our huge array of solutions for babies and moms, you can be an active, engaged parent and savor every moment as your little one learns and develops. Now we're going to tell you some tips on how to dress the little ones depending on the weather.

It's easy to doubt your own abilities after your baby comes home from the hospital, even in something as simple as dressing him or her! Is it too hot or cold? Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing clothes for a child.

What Should My Baby Wear in Cold Weather?

Once the weather gets cold, it's important to make sure your baby is dressed in several layers to keep him or her warm and cozy. A general rule is to make sure your child is wearing one extra layer over the one you're comfortable in - if you feel cold, your baby probably is too.

When you are indoors, a diaper and swaddled or wrapped in a warm layer (diaper, blanket, pajamas, etc.) will keep your baby warm enough. Premature babies may need an extra layer until they reach full weight and their bodies are better able to adapt to the temperature. Skin-to-skin contact with mom also helps warm baby since your body heat helps regulate their temperature. Cover your infant with a blanket or swaddle when your baby lays on you.

If you're going outside, make sure your baby is covered from head to toe - we're talking about a hat, thick socks or boots. As mentioned above, wrap a blanket snuggly around them in the stroller for extra warmth.

What Should My Baby Wear in Hot Weather?

If the temperature climbs over 75 degrees Fahrenheit, you should dress baby in only one layer of loose clothing to avoid overheating. Lightweight cotton clothing keeps infant cool and protects them from sunburn. Another great way to protect your baby's face and skin from the sun, providing extra protection from UV rays is hats with a wide brim.

What Should My Baby Wear to Sleep?

For sleeping, dress your baby in one or two layers of clothing without ties or cords and never cover his head.Until the baby learns to roll over on his or her own, one of these layers can be a swaddle or a sleeping bag. Many mothers use velcro or blanket swaddles until their baby can roll over onto their tummy (once they roll, stop swaddling immediately for safety reasons).

A wearable blanket or sleep sack is also a great (and safe!) method to keep newborns warm. Keep the room at 68-72 degrees, and check baby’s neck to ensure your little one isn’t overheating.

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