Tips About Residual Income Offered In New Blog Post

A new blog post on the subject of developing residual income streams is available by Pierre Charles. He offers a collection of six tips to create passive income sources.

PierreCharles is pleased to announce the launch of his new blog on the topic of passive income. Another term for passive income is residual income. Income for most people is based on the work that is done on a day-to-day basis. If the worker doesn't put in their 40 hours per week, the income stops. Typically, the only way to increase income is by working longer hours, or by being promoted through years spent on the job.

Residual income is very different in nature and opportunities. Passive income doesn't require punching a time clock day after day. The income continues to arrive, without a link to hours spent working for an employer. Better yet, passive income can grow over time with minimal additional effort. The informational blog demonstrates several methods that provide residual earnings. The expansion of the internet and online marketing has opened up many new opportunities to identify and implement sources of passive income.

According to Pierre Charles, “For an income to qualify as residual, it must be an income that is earned even when you are not working at it. This could be from a variety of sources including some of the following: rental units, royalties earned from writing, royalties earned from marketing, ad revenue, interest on investments, and profit sharing. This type of income may also be known as recurring income. Affiliate marketing is an approach which is easy to understand and implement”.

For many people, the regular pay check is inadequate to cover the costs of day-to-day living. Adding passive income to regular income may make covering the bills each pay period easier. As the economy weakens and prices continue to go higher, the need to bring in passive income is a welcome method to make personal income more closely match the costs of day-to-day living.

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