Tinder Swindler Token Team Announces Presale of Their TST Token

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For several years now, cryptocurrencies have established themselves as solid investments in the global financial system. Newest to Binance Smart Chain is a cryptocurrency gem based on The Tinder Swindler documentary.

Tinder Swindler Token (TST) is dedicated to the fans of the show, and it aims to revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry. Its presale will be held on Pinksale on February 26, 2022, at 1600 UTC. The presale is expected to sell out in minutes if not seconds due to the anticipation within the community.

TST has taken off with groundbreaking speed and has the potential to become a top 100 cryptocurrency in a short period of time. It has an active community whose dedication and support has proven vital in helping it stack up against the rest. The community has shown immense trust in the team, who are experienced and dedicated to building a successful cryptocurrency brand. The project is expected to grow exponentially due to a number of distinctive and special features:


TST’s contract passed a contract audit conducted by a leading cryptocurrency audit firm, Analytix Audit. They concluded that the contract is safe and free of any errors or malicious code.


TST’s contract collects 4% as tax from each buy or sell transaction and redistributes it among the holders as BUSD. These reflections serve as a great incentive for the investors to hold, thereby contributing to overall project growth.


TST is hyper deflationary in nature meaning that its supply decreases at a higher rate with time. This is achieved by the contract collecting 2% as tax from each buy or sell transaction and performing an automatic buyback and burn. Manual burning of tokens will also take place at predetermined times in future.


3% tax will be collected from every transaction and transferred into TST’s Liquidity Pool. This will serve to enhance project price stability and overall strengthen the project. The Liquidity Pool is locked by Pinklock for a period of one year.

The project will open for trading on PancakeSwap immediately after the conclusion of the presale. Limited edition NFTs will also be minted and sold at a discount to the holders of TST. The project is currently undergoing KYC and the team will be doxxed soon. With a growing fan base of the documentary, the uptake of Tinder Swindler Token is expected to grow parabolically.

Telegram: https://t.me/tinderswindlertoken
Twitter: https://twitter.com/swindlertoken

Contact Info:
Name: Andrew Simmons
Email: Send Email
Organization: Tinder Swindler Token
Phone: 1-646-444-8083
Website: http://www.tinderswindler.org

Release ID: 89065093

Name: Andrew Simmons
Email: Send Email
Organization: Tinder Swindler Token