TimeTec TA Offers Retail Industry a Cloud-based Attendance and Workforce Management System in Australia

TimeTec TA Offers Retail Industry a Cloud-based Attendance and Workforce Management System in Australia

The retail industry of the 21st century is struggling with many human resource related demands, especially the evolution of the mobile workforce. TimeTec TA, a cloud-based time attendance management solution, is an extremely versatile and robust system that can make today’s retail stores competitive and able to run with maximum efficiency.

Flexible and often changing work locations, schedules and timings in today’s retail industry present various challenges to HR managers. Instant access to data is thus a huge priority. Retail stores in particular have to understand customers, tackle competition, run daily operations, manage supply chains and handle a mind boggling array of work. Brick and mortar stores are also looking at re-inventing their business and increase productivity.

TimeTec TA is a cloud-based, multi-device system that makes tracking and managing work force attendance and schedules a breeze. It allows employees to clock in and out using various platforms, such as traditional clocks, computers, mobile devices and telephones. TimeTec can manage the entire workforce with paid time off, schedules, monitoring of overtime hours, and integration with payroll service.

Retail chains running multiple stores in different locations and time zones know the hassle of tracking attendance. TimeTec TA can store data from all locations and outlets on a cloud server. The data can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Retail businesses also deal with a long list of roles, from sales and logistics, merchandisers, back office staff to procurement, marketing and events. With TimeTec TA, they can use five clocking options for on-the-go attendance: biometrics, web clocking via PC, smartphones, Beacon, NFC tags, and GPS and Wi-Fi.

To handle unpredictable and last minute changes, TimeTec TA can take care of all scheduling requirements with daily, weekly or flexi schedules. Each group or staff can thus be managed by the store manager for their weekly rosters.

Among its other cool features, TimeTec TA offers a multi-user system for all employees, and only one time registration is required, allowing workers to stay mobile. The overall picture of the workforce is available in real time through web and mobile app. Staff can also plan for holidays and leaves with TimeTec Leave in the same system, and get approvals via web or mobile app.

“TimeTec TA is a cloud-based solution that brings workforce management to a whole new level. TimeTec TA is the preventive step for tardiness, absenteeism, and other counterproductive work behaviour through its automated time attendance system, making it easy for companies to assess and evaluate the performance of each individual employee,” said a spokesperson for TimeTec TA.

TimeTec TA is available with free 10 user licenses for life to let retail store owners and managers experience the many benefits of cloud technology for attendance management.

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