Tim Owens DDS Receives Media Attention For Groundbreaking Sleep Apnea Treatment

Tim Owens DDS offers a custom sleep apnea treatment that is tailor made for each patient, offering the promise of relief and restful sleep.

Sleep apnea is a condition that affects millions of Americans, and has serious consequences on their health, concentration and general wellbeing. The condition causes airways to constrict or collapse during sleep, restricting the flow of air. Often, sufferers will wake only for moments at a time as the body strives for oxygen before returning to sleep. As a result, they wake up exhausted. Tim Owens DDS has pioneered a new treatment option in Fort Collins that provides genuine relief for sufferers.

The alignment device proposed by Tim Owens DDS differs hugely from the far more intrusive and invasive sleep apnea devices currently employed by traditional medicine, and offers a simplified solution to the issue. A dental mould is taken to create a fused gum shield that keeps the jaw aligned and prevents it collapsing onto the throat to cause airway restriction.

This simple device is more affordable than the traditional CPAP mask which requires a motorised compressor to pump continual air pressure through the lungs to prevent the throat collapsing. He has already received attention in the local media for the innovation and is now turning heads nationally.

A spokesperson for Tim Owens DDS explained some of his services, “Dental implants in Ft Collins can be expensive, but Tim Owens has always been a patient-centred care provider, and affordable finance options are available to those with a serious enough condition to merit the use of this kind of device. These treatments are also custom-designed to fit the individual user, further setting him apart from other dentists in Fort Collins Co. The sleep apnea device is just one of many available options, which include both practical and cosmetic solutions, making him a dentist to suit everyone’s needs".

About Owens DDS: Tim Owens, DDS is one of Fort Collins most trusted dentists, thanks in part to his caring attitude and commitment to advanced dental training. What sets Dr. Owens apart is the personalized care and attention that each patient receives. While aesthetics are an important aspect of cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Owens doesn’t focus simply on the teeth alone, but on how they work as a system with the jaw joints, gums and other support structures. Treating underlying functional and biological concerns is important to delivering long lasting, comfortable results.

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