Tiller Web Design of Des Moines Publishes Fascinating New Video Marketing Case Study

Showing how smart video marketing can be among the most rewarding and cost-effective approaches of all, new report will be of great interest to companies looking for a boost, Tiller Web Design reports

Tiller Web Design, one of the state's top full-service web design and digital marketing agencies, published a unique new look at the growing effectiveness of video marketing. Centering around the experiences of one of Tiller Web Design's long-term clients, the case study shows how rewarding strategic video marketing can be for the companies that take smart advantage of it. With best-in-class capabilities ranging from ground-up website design to video production, search engine optimization, and more, Tiller Web Design is an invaluable partner for many businesses throughout Iowa and beyond.

"Here at Tiller Web Design, we pride ourselves on using the tools that are most appropriate to every client's unique situation," Tiller Web Design representative Steve Hudspeth said, "Increasingly, that includes putting together cost-effective video marketing assets. Video has an unmatched ability to capture attention, spread over social networks, and produce new leads. Our new case study shows what these facts have meant for one of our most valued clients."

In a report that stunned many in the marketing industry, Forester Research's Dr. James McQuivey has claimed that a single minute of well-made video can be worth as much as nearly two million words, as far as marketing power goes. With over 90% of the shoppers at one top online retailer's site saying that they find product videos useful when it came to making purchasing decisions, it has become clear that for many businesses, video is now much more of a necessity than a mere luxury.

Tiller Web Design has been one of Iowa's highest-profile pioneers at making effective use of video marketing for the agency's clients. Whether that means explanatory videos that can be used to convey the advantages of
products that can be difficult to relate by other means, or product launch videos that build hype and anticipation for a great new offering, the agency has helped countless clients take advantage of the strengths of video marketing in ways that produce concrete, business-enhancing results.

While the agency's video marketing activities have rightly garnered attention in recent years, the truth is that those capabilities are only a small fraction of what Tiller Web Design has to offer. The agency, for example, consistently ranks as the source of Web Design Des Moines businesses look to first, having proven over the years that it can produce ground-up websites that best reflect the brands and needs of clients.

Tiller Web Design is also the one Des Moines SEO specialist that has consistently outpaced the others in terms of helping to rank clients' sites higher in the search results returned by Google and others. The brand new Tiller Web Design video marketing case study can be found at the company's website, where a wealth of information about its full range of top-quality services also awaits.

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