Tiller Media Group Reports on Anticipated 2016 Trends in Web Design and SEO

Business owners should incorporate these trends into their website to ensure it doesn't become outdated and boring, announces TillerWebDesign.com

Color is making a comeback and not simply in the fashion and home design industries. Experts believe Web Design Des Moines will focus on bright, bold colors in 2016, as this is a way to enhance visual communication. With the use of different shades of the same color, web designers find they can show relationships between different parts of a site. This is only one of many trends that are anticipated for 2016, and web designers need to keep this in mind when updating sites for their clients.

"Other web design trends a person may wish to incorporate into their site include interactive backgrounds, mobile side bars and compact design. Websites serve as a portal to a business, therefore the business needs to ensure that they are portraying their organization in a positive light. Tired, dated websites need to be updated for this reason, and business owners, in conjunction with their web designer, need to choose those trends which best accurately reflect their brand," Steve Hudspeth, spokesperson for Tiller Web Design, announces.

Web design isn't the only area where changes will be seen in 2016, as Iowa SEO will also undergo some modifications. Business 2 Community announces conversion rate optimization will increase in importance, as it doesn't help to bring customers in if they don't convert, and ocal listings and schema tagging need to be areas of focus, as Google Places/Businesses now shows only three results, rather than seven. Finally, SEO needs to focus on the different stages of the buying process, with different keywords possibly be used for each stage.

"As the search engines become more sophisticated, many businesses struggle to keep up. Search engine updates shouldn't be the sole focus, however, especially when a company only focuses on those updates of one search engine provider. Research shows Bing is one search engine that is taking a share of Google's business, yet many companies only look at Google updates. This needs to change and companies need to focus on SEO trends along with algorithm changes for all search engines to obtain the best results," Hudspeth continues.

Online reputation management, local search and social media are other areas where changes will likely be seen in 2016. The Internet continues to grow and evolve and companies must keep up. Those that fail to do so may find their business suffers as a result.

"Contact Tiller Media Group today for assistance in these and other areas. We are passionate about helping our clients grow and thrive and, to achieve this goal, we work to provide clients with the best resources and information at all times," Hudspeth promises.

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Tiller Media Group understands each business is unique and comes with unique goals for their organization. To assist clients, the web design firm works with the client to fully understand these goals and how they relate to the ultimate success of the business. Understanding where a client wants to go is the first step in helping them get there.

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