Ticket Snipers Launches Free Ticket Dismissal Calculator To Help Wronged Drivers Appeal

Ticket Snipers specializes in having traffic tickets rescinded in California, and has created a ticket dismissal calculator to help people assess the likelihood of getting their ticket dismissed.

Traffic tickets can range from a galling annoyance to a life changing problem, and can be handed out for everything from skipping a red light to being on a cell phone while driving. Most people consider these tickets a kind of stealth tax, and resent having to pay them. Luckily Ticket Snipers has developed a process that enables them to successfully defend clients and beat traffic tickets in California. In order to help people see how much they can help, they have now launched a ticket dismissal calculator so individuals can get a handle on the odds.

Ticket Snipers has developed a process that has since been featured on ABC, CNN and FOX and the company has received a five star rating on Yelp from satisfied customers who have successfully managed to fight a traffic ticket in California and get the ticket dismissed.

The new ticket dismissal calculator uses a customized algorithm that evaluates basic information provided by the user to create an initial assessment of the likelihood a ticket can be dismissed. It takes into account complex situational variables, the individual’s driver history, the area of California and more to be as accurate as possible and still give a result in just a couple of minutes.

A spokesperson for Ticket Snipers explained, “Our service is already proving popular because there really is nothing to lose- our no win no fee policy guarantees that individuals are able to recoup the money they were to pay if we are unsuccessful, and if we are successful, they price they are paying is a fraction of the penalty fee, and comes with added bonus of not coming with a black mark on a criminal record that can affect employability for years to come. The new calculator provides people with a means to see whether it’s worth their time to give us a chance.”

About Ticket Snipers:
Ticket Snipers dismiss traffic tickets throughout the state of California with a simple money back guarantee: they win or clients get their money back. Ticket Snipers can beat any type of traffic ticket issued in the state of California. Everything from a red light camera violation, speeding ticket even a stop sign violation can be dismissed using our state of the art defense strategies.

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