Thu Y Thanh Trung Becomes The One-Stop Destination For Pet Care & Treatment In Binh Duong

Thu Y Thanh Trung veterinary clinic proves to be the ideal pet clinic in Binh Duong, Di An, and other nearby places for its 360-degree animal care and treatment solutions. These include blood tests, ultrasound, and surgery through modern medical equipment.

Thu Y Thanh Trung, a pet clinic in Binh Duong, puts a step forward to becoming a prominent solution for complete health examination, care, and treatment of pets. The clinic believes in the fact that just like humans, animals too need proper treatment when they are sick. Therefore, the clinic has added a full range of services in its list of offerings, which make it a complete professional healthcare solution for pets. Right from nurturing, care, counseling, and immunization at an early age to surgery, accommodation, diagnosis, and prevention of diseases in old age, Thanh Trung’s veterinary solutions cover them all.

The examination of pet’s health through blood tests is segregated under two types, viz. physiological tests and biochemical tests. Physiological testing is an accurate method to diagnose internal medical conditions and effectively evaluate the pet’s health. Through modern machinery and medical equipment, Thanh Trung clinic assesses how the body parts of the pets are currently working and provide relevant treatment if a problem is detected.

Similarly, there is biochemical testing, which helps the pet owners understand the body of their pet as well as their sensible care regime. These tests also provide a timely treatment plan to help the pet recover quickly. The complications are minimized, and so are the costs and time involved in pet examination and treatment.

In addition to these tests and other services, the veterinary clinic also provides useful accessories for both cats and dogs. This helps the pet owners to get effective remedies for their pet’s disease and other essential items in just one place. The major accessories for pets include dietary supplements, backpacks bags, veterinary medicine, dog/ cat food, dog clothes, necklace, muzzle, leash, cage, cat collars, shower gel, dog/ cat toys, and dog/ cat hygiene products.

With this, it can be rightly said that the veterinary clinic is a one-stop professional destination with bountiful benefits.

About The Company
Thu Y Thanh Trung is a pet clinic in Binh Duong that has a skilled and talented team of physicians for providing 360-degree pet care and treatment solutions. It is equipped with technology-advanced veterinary equipment for conducting automatic testing, blood tests, urine tests, ultrasound, cesarean delivery, routine pet examination, surgically connecting bones, sterilization, and open floor bladder. Tenon eyes with beauty services, for example, extra drying, nail clippers, and defense ears are also included. The veterinary clinic is open for the entire week, including the holidays, and is available with effective medicines to treat internal diseases, like heart failure, kidney failure, etc.
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