Through All The Buzz About Stem Cells In Skin Care BIOCUTIS Rejuvenation Line Holds

Robust scientific research shows that signal molecules from secretions of a land snail orchestrate the stimulation of stem cells of the skin and thus the healthy cycle of skin regeneration and skin rejuvenation.

Today there is a lot of buzz going on about a new stem cell rejuvenating technology for the skin. Super-celebrities like Jennifer Lopez publicly “fall in love” with it even if it’s not one of her “official” paid endorsements. Gwyneth Paltrow and Julianne Moore showed up at Saks Fifth Avenue to stand the release party of the big breakthrough at $355 for a 30ml bottle.

Skin stem cells replenish and maintain the balance of cells within the skin tissue and regenerate damaged tissue.

But with age, the number of skin stem cells decreases and their ability to repair the skin becomes less efficient. The result is – with added environmental damage like UV rays - a loss of skin vitality, and inevitably, wrinkles.

Stimulants of stem cells have been snapped by cosmetic giants. Notably stem cell material extracted from a sour Swiss Apple, and a celebrity endorsed antioxidant ingredient from a rare melon.

Both stay fresh for months, long after other apples and melons shrivel, dry up and go rotten because of their antioxidant power. This is interesting for the skin but there is no serious scientific research on the application of the same principle to human skin.

Scientific research published in peer reviewed dermatology journals not celebrities show that the stimulation of fibroblasts, the stem cells of the skin, is brought forth by the signals from a naturally occurring secretion of the brown garden snail (scientific names: Helix aspersa or Cryptomphalus aspersa).

The research was published by The Dermatology Service of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

The snails have skin very similar to our skin. After all our genetic makeup does not divert much from other creatures of the animal kingdom.

Fibroblasts are stem cells of the skin located not to far below the surface at the basal layer of the epidermis and before the dermis. Also found inside the pores or follicles. They have a positive influence on the vitality of the skin, they make skin structures more efficient and live longer.

They are being explored by regenerative medicine research to create new breakthrough leaps in health care.

While in skin care the real discovery is the appraisal of the rejuvenating effects on the skin by:
- farmers when handling the little snails to pack them and export them as gourmet food from Chile to France, and
- a Spanish oncologist that noticed the snails retract their tentacles and start bubbling their secretion to protect themselves from radiation of machines used for radiotherapy to treat cancer.

The real breakthrough in skin care though is that Mr. Mario Reyes, a scientist from the New York Academy of Sciences, figured out how to transfer the skin-reviving power of the snail secretions deep into the skin.

The all natural ingredient has NOT been snapped up by large cosmetics companies because it is expensive to collect from live snails, as this has to be carefully done manually.

Smaller companies do that in Europe, Asia, and BIOCUTIS does it in Chile without harming the snails. Biocutis brings the serum or secretion to the United States where its natural skin care line is manufactured in a state of the art cosmetic company.

Biocutis is also in the UK. There actress Katie Holmes reports she is a huge fan of using snail serum in the bid to improve her skin and keep it beautiful.

Biocutis’s powerful all natural ingredient taps into savvy nature's three more amazing components:
- Powerful antioxidants,
- Hyaluronic acid to make the skin hold a lot of water within,
- Signaling molecules that are like the alphabet of the skin cells and enhance communication among the cells and within the cells.

Those three compound the activation of own fibroblasts, the stem cells of the skin which are also responsible for creating more hyaluronic acid, collagen, and all the structural elements of healthy skin.

This combination from savvy nature gives skin the power to glow no matter a persons age or the environment's assaults.

Activated fibroblasts brought forth by Biocutis skin care bring new life to the skin. It is "nature's gift for healthy skin". Click here to get BIOCUTIS and enjoy skin rejuvenated at affordable prices.

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