Thousands Of Young People Holding Onto Hope Of Their Dream Job Abroad Next Spring

Ace Working Holidays is supporting young people whose hopes of working abroad have been affected by COVID-19. The company has jobs available for spring 2021.

Ace Working Holidays, a service connecting young adults with opportunities working abroad, is helping thousands who have set their sights on taking a dream job overseas.

The travel and tourism industry, as well as hospitality, have been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to travel restrictions in many countries and local lockdown and quarantine rules, businesses including hotels, clubs and bars, and travel agents, have all been affected. For people who had been planning to spend time working abroad, the situation has been a blow. Many have left education or work to enable them to go abroad, only to find that they are unable to.

In March, as the pandemic was worsening, a great deal of people had to be sent home after securing jobs abroad. With no work for them and safety concerns to take into account, it didn't make sense to stay. Resorts in locations such as Magaluf, Ibiza, Zante, and more rely on British workers to keep them going, but this summer, they were not able to sustain the usual level of business. Many places are essentially deserted with no tourism, and many resorts are struggling to stay in business.

Ace Working Holidays has jobs available for spring and summer 2021 in Spain and the Balearics, Greece, and Cyprus. They offer a range of jobs, including party reps in different environments, bar staff, restaurant staff, hotel reps, and a range of specialist entertainment rolls. With jobs available in seven different places, they find opportunities for people with a variety of skills and who want to get the best experience from their working holiday. Workers can choose from accommodation provided in central areas and can choose people to share with. With help from a rep on arrival, they will be able to find work and settle in quickly.

While things remain uncertain, Ace Working Holidays is hopeful that the 2021 season will be the right time for people to come back to the resorts. They have a huge number of jobs available for the season and are already recruiting. Anyone interested in applying can get support through the company's Facebook group after securing their place. People can choose to arrive as early as April and can stay for the whole season or for less time if they want to.

There is still uncertainty surrounding next year's party season in Europe's top resorts. However, Ace Working Holidays and their potential workers are all holding onto hope that it will go ahead. The industry may depend on things changing and resorts being able to function safely.

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