Thought Leader and Entrepreneurial Visionary Ariel Garten Breaks down Intersection between Art and Neuroscience on Jason Hartman’s Longevity Show

Garten Shares how People can Improve Meditation and become Calmer with her Brain Sensing Headband

Scottsdale, AZ – Leading health podcast The Longevity Show hosted the CEO and co-founder of InteraXon, Ariel Garten. InteraXon is the creator of Muse – a brain-sensing headband that monitors brain activity and sends that information to your phone or tablet.

“Everybody knows that it’s something you should do, but meditation can be a really hard or daunting thing to get started,” Garten said. “Muse makes it easy by giving you real-time audio feedback to help take the guesswork out of meditation.”

Garten gives Hartman a glimpse of the growing meditation industry and how quickly Muse has grown. Garten cites research that meditation has great mental, spiritual, emotional, and medical benefits.

“Meditation’s left the niche world and is now mainstream, leading to great sales for MUSE,” Garten said.

Garten cited MUSE as a great tool to decrease the negative voices in our heads. It also helps reduce headaches – even when users aren’t using the headband.

“MUSE tracks brain activity and lets you know when your mind is wandering and when it’s in a state of focused attention,” Garten said. “You’ll be able to hear the sound of your own mind.”

Corporations, executives, academic institutions, students looking to improve their scores, overwhelmed mothers, healthcare systems and providers, and research centers are using MUSE for research and treatment purposes.

In addition to the Longevity Show, CNN, Forbes, Popular Science, CNET, CNBC, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, and Wall Street Journal Tech have featured Garten and Muse for creating what the Huffington Post calls, "the beautiful headband that will make you smarter."

Referred to as the “Brain Guru,” Garten’s ventures have made a significant contribution to health and wellness because for her integration of art and science. She is pursuing innovative art and performances in other media, including dance, music, percussion, and cutting-edge instruments. Garten has also been a TED speaker.

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