Thot Kinh Ghome – Bring Home the Highly Durable Tempered Glass Cutting Board

Thot Kinh Ghome tells about its marvellous collection of tempered glass cutting boards.

Whether someone wants to chop leafy greens to prepare a fresh salad or preparing for a vegetable stir fry, a cutting board comes in handy for different purposes in the kitchen. It also acts as a surface for most of the food items come in contact with, so it becomes essential to replace it after a year. There are various types of cutting board available, tempered glass cutting board leads, among the other materials in the market. Thot Kinh Ghome is a famous tempered glass cutting board brand that has made its place in the market since 2016. In May 2017, the product officially entered the industrial production line & distributed right in Da Nang, Central market. After four years of operation, this brand is now completely developed in terms of product quality, production scale, and distribution. Its vision is to create a nationwide distribution network, optimize products in terms of design, quality and price, multi-channel expansion, and improve exports to regional countries, EU, and Japan.

If someone wants to add some functionality and cleanliness to his kitchen this summer, it can be possible with the superb tempered glass cutting board. This form of cutting board is quite functional, provided with several different types of food you can read on it while maintaining the cleanliness of your kitchen surface. Also, it is hugely dishwasher safe. As it resists stains and odours, so it will always appear gleaming and clean. Thot Kinh Ghome's tempered glass cutting board meets the essential needs of the users. The brand's products include 3D tempered glass cutting board with wooden background, a Clear tempered glass cutting board, and Fruit 3D tempered glass cutting board. Thot Kinh Ghome is committed to bringing the best quality products and value to the users. It deserves to be the no.1 product in the industry and the highest-named tempered glass cutting board brand in the outstanding product segment in Vietnam.

If talking about the product quality, till now the 35 product models have been produced and completed. Even the product is optimized continuously to meet the customer opinions & needs. All the products are exclusive and unique in terms of quality and design, available at low prices. Thot Kinh Ghome is a famous brand in the household goods industry and counted among the top 30 best-selling new generation kitchen tools in 2019. If someone is thinking of a change to bring in the kitchen, begin with this small and must-have tool!
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About the company: Thot Kinh Ghome is a prominent tempered glass cutting board brand that has been established in the year 2016 and is exclusively owned by SmartZip Co.

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