Thomas In Action Challenging The Societal Rules of Gender Association

Verified YouTube star and certified hairstylist, Thomas In Action, is challenging the societal rules of men wearing hairstyles deemed “too feminine.”

Verified YouTube star and certified hairstylist Thomas In Action is challenging the societal rules of men wearing hairstyles that are "too girly". With over 120K subscribers, Thomas In Action is using his platform to challenge the societal rules of gender association.

The Founder Of “Man Buns & Manes”

Thomas In Action founded the social group "Man Buns & Manes" that focuses on helping men feel liberated through his YouTube content by encouraging them to explore their personal style and grow their hair out for the first time.

His community is known for its positive and uplifting vibe, allowing all kinds of men to co-exist without feeling judged by one another.

Bringing YouTube Content That Challenges Our Social Conditioning

Thomas In Action has been putting together content that challenges the conditioning of society over the years. A recent video, titled "Long Hairstyles That Make Guys Look Stupid,” was inspired by a fan who posed the question: how can we normalize "girly hairstyles" on men? The fan revealed that he was a heterosexual male, and felt that there were some hairstyles he enjoyed wearing but felt nervous to do so publicly for fear that he'd be judged for it. The fear stemmed from the fact that other men may deem the hairstyles to be too feminine.

Thomas used this question as an opportunity to challenge sheepish societal beliefs of gender norms and bring attention to the fact that these very perceptions are, in his opinion, the result of social conditioning that most of us have no control over until later on in life.

Thomas provides an interesting insight into social conditioning, explaining how it is everywhere, from deeming blue being for boys and pink for girls to homosexuality being viewed as abnormal by certain segments of society.

Thomas In Action also provides compelling insights into how social movements and change are created through persistence and bravery from members of the minority party until the cause they're promoting becomes so well known that people finally start accepting it for what it is.

He leaves his viewers with encouraging words reminding them that they do not have to conform to social conditioning. He encourages people to start being their authentic selves for the greater good, helping them to feel confident about doing so, rather than feeling sorry about it.
Thomas In Action
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