Thoi Dai Tam Lim Is Now Welcoming Candidates to Post Contents and Receive Royalties

The spiritual website Thoi Dai Tam Linh has announced recruitment for freelancers posts. Candidates who are willing to contribute to the website’s content with the latest information and unique insights to recent happening will also be paid royalties based on the word counts.

Thoi Dai Tam Linh, the personal blog website on spiritual age has now announced to allow candidates to contribute contents and information for the page. The candidates who are willing to write articles, blogs or make an improvement over current posts will also be given royalties based on the word counts.

The spiritual website tries to focus on information related to mysterious things happening around humankind’s life. Therefore they are open to contribution from their followers who are willing to contribute articles, provide recommendations or add new items and enrich the content of the website.

To ensure authenticity and value of the website, certain rules are duly set for the content contributors. No PR or advertisement postings will be allowed. Any information provided should be keenly verified for its validity and credibility. Information can be copied from other sites, but the sources must be provided with the website name.

To all contributors, the website will also pay royalties based on word counts. Any article under 600 words will be given 15,000 VND. Articles from 600-1200 words will be paid 20,000 VND. Any article of the range 1200-2000 words will get a royalty of 3500 VND. Lastly, any article above 2000 words will receive 4000 VND. Apart from this, after 1 month, views on the articles will be checked from Google analytics, and the highest viewed article will be additionally rewarded.

While expressing his opinion on this recruitment update, the spokesperson of the website has commented that “Our website tries to explore every new happening around the world and provide unique insights to them. The decision of allowing external contributors will enrich our content as people will come up with their knowledge and information on a specific area of specialization. Also, recommendations and additions will allow us to understand areas of improvement required”. He also believes that “the royalties will be a great incentive for contributors and will inspire them with their writing interest.”
The candidates who are willing to contribute for blogs, article, copy writes or report bugs can directly drop a mail in the

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Thoi Dai Tam Linh is a personal blog on spiritual lines. The collaborators of this website try to generate a unique and new perspective to the happenings of the physical world. The website has tried to selectively develop a channel that is scientifically organized and will be favorable for users, content owners and also advertisers. The owner of the website Lei Mein Hieu has also cooperated on contents with major content producers to bring unique, strange and attractive topics that attract inquisitive readers. The hallmark of the website lies in the high quality content which are extensively researched and authentic.

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