This Week Frog Hollow Farm Is Harvesting the Rare Heirloom Classic Gold Dust Peach

A rare and classic peach variety is being harvested and shipped this week at Frog Hollow Farm. Gold Dust peaches are not available commercially anywhere else in the United States, but their old-fashioned peach taste and melting texture make this heirloom peach a delicious treat.

Spring and summer are like a movie on Frog Hollow Farm – as their varieties begin to ripen, a new storyline unfolds. This week things get interesting with Gold Dust peaches, the first classic peach of the summer. It is believed that Gold Dust are not available commercially anywhere in the United States, so this heirloom variety is a true Frog Hollow Farm specialty.

Gold Dust is one of Farmer Al's favorite varieties, a classic fruit with an old-fashioned peach flavor. The first bite of Gold Dust will either rekindle a memory of summers gone by, or be a revelation of what's been missing. This is how peaches used to taste . . . super juicy with a fragile skin and a sublime, melting texture. Customers will see a little bruising on the Gold Dust, but Farmer Al never eats them until he sees a bruise or two. The bruise on their delicate skin shows they are going to be delicious!

The Gold Dust peach is too fragile to survive the supermarket experience, but are picked and shipped with special care to Frog Hollow customers. They're harvesting Gold Dust this week, and they go fast.

This week is the last chance to sign up for Frog Hollow Farm's Gotta Have Some Peaches summer-long organic peach delivery plan. This program delivers 12 shipments that cover all of their varieties from first to last. It’s an amazing opportunity to experience the diverse flavors that thrive in the Frog Hollow Farm orchard. Peachy Picks is another option, with eight deliveries that include favorite varieties.

Celebrate more than 20 amazing years of organic farming at Frog Hollow Farm! In these past two decades they have seen organic farming move from the fringes to a worldwide phenomenon, and they're proud to say they've been there from the very start. Organic farming is only a fraction of Frog Hollow's dedication to the environment and their philosophy of providing safe, healthy, delicious food for generations to come.

They ship the best of what they're picking to homes and offices nationwide. They ship what's fresh, perfect for a snack or to give as a healthy gift to loved ones. Organic cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, pluots, and pears - all delivered from farm to table in 48 hours.

About peaches and Frog Hollow Farm –
Native to China, peaches of legend conferred immortality and were treasured by ancient Emperors. In the early 17th century a horticulturist by the name of George Minifie is said to have brought the first peaches from England to the United States, planting peach trees at his Estate of Buckland in Virginia. Peaches now grow throughout the world's temperate regions, but find a uniquely-suited home in Brentwood, California's Mediterranean climate. Frog Hollow Farm grows more than twelve varieties of organic peaches that have been selected by the owner, Farmer Al, for the quality of their taste and flavor, and not just for cosmetics, for those who order peaches for delivery. They typically harvest from mid-June to early September.

"Frog Hollow Farm is Certified Organic, with a reputation for some of the best-tasting varieties of peaches, apricots, plums, nectarines, and cherries anywhere...." – from an article by Amy Albert in Fine Cooking Magazine.

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