Things You Need to Know About INFJ: The World’s Rarest Personality Type

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Based on the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), INFJ personality type has the following personality traits: Introversion, iNtuition, Feeling, and Judging. They are the rarest personalities in the world.

These personality qualities define an Advocate (INFJ). An advocate approaches their life with deep thoughtfulness and imagination. INFJs are more sophisticated and flexible than other types due to their unique combination of characteristics. They place a high value on righteousness; they strive to do the right thing and focus on creating a world where justice is practiced.

INFJ personality types are most often found in the religion and philosophy-oriented fields, where spirituality is emphasized. There are only about 1.5% of them on this planet, making them extremely rare. If you have an INFJ in your life, you can count on them to be there for you at all times. They will always be ready to fight for what is right and against every wrong.

INFJs are people who are sensitive to the emotions of others. They tend to pay attention and comprehend the feelings of others quickly. Thus, it is no doubt that friendships and relationships are vital to them. Not just that, INFJs enjoy and love helping others. They have the heart of a lion and are genuine in their actions. They are people who are kind and highly compassionate. They also tend to take on leadership roles when they are required to. As an INFJ, they may have grown up witnessing and being influenced by the lives of saints, prophets, and other spiritual figures. They always wanted to do something to help the environment. Another uniqueness about INFJs is that they don’t take anything for granted. They see life as a holistic view and are fully immersed in it.

INFJs prefer people over things. They seek a good and loyal partner in a relationship. INFJs are highly committed to the people once they have decided they are the ones. They have a deep respect for intellectual property and can easily see the intricate beauty contained within it. As someone who appreciates the beauty of intelligence, they naturally enjoy the silence, solitude, and a state in which they can fully self-reflect to their utmost satisfaction. Despite their fondness for internal reflection, they are also eager to explore the world and learn more about it.

INFJ personality type is very passionate. INFJs want to sweep the world by storm with their powerful influence. People who are suffering from grief and loss may find INFJs to be very motivating and influential. INFJs are always searching for ways to make people feel better. The most powerful way they know is to show people how to move on with their lives with happiness and peace. INFJs are excellent listeners and have a strong sense of empathy for others as well. They have a remarkable ability to absorb the emotions of others. That is why they are such a great source of support for their family and friends.

Due to their heightened sensitivity, they can be sensitive and defensive to criticism, especially when the comments challenge their core principles or values. With their appreciation of everything intelligent and beautiful comes their tendency to worship perfection. This trait can bring pain more than help because INFJs are prone to fixating on the less ideal situation. They risk burning themselves out and becoming frustrated when things do not go as planned.
INFJ is a rare and the most human personality trait in the world. They are empathetic, kind, and deeply concerned about the people around them. The challenge they face is their pursuit of perfection, which is, unfortunately, impossible in this world.

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