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Thiet bi Viet A was established in 2012, with the main office situated in Hanoi. The company has been operating in Vietnam for quite a long time. The company has a team of well-trained and experienced technicians. They always bring complete customers satisfaction as well as trust. Thiet bi Viet A has earned great recognition today due to the efforts, genuine quality and experience of consumers. The company always updates technology, innovate and listens to customers’ concerns. Thiet bi Viet A is well-known for supplying air compressors, air dryers, compressed air tanks, diaphragm pumps, reducers, electric motors, etc. spare parts and more equipment. The company also offers free consultation on installation, operation as well as inspection. The company conducts a survey, building and installation of the complete compressed air system. Also, they ensure quality maintenance and repair service for every air compressor in the Vietnam market.

If the customer finds any problem with the air compressor, it will stop working and cause production loss, affecting the working and even reputation with the superiors. Customers may also get in touch with the air compressor maintenance company with low-quality products, low technical expertise, can’t resolve the problem, or cause more severe damage. Or not being handled fully may result in a compressed air system failing several times, badly affecting production. All these problems will not happen if the customer chooses to use the product of Thiet bi Viet A. The company has the required practical experience of maintaining air compressors. They swiftly deal with common errors happening with customers’ air compressor systems. With the help of the senior technical team and craftsmanship, air compressor maintenance is performed using different machines. The company’s main goal is to reduce costs, boost machine efficiency and gain profits. Thiet bi Viet A is also specialized in repairing air compressors in Hanoi and nearby provinces. With more than 10 years of experience, Thiet bi Viet A gets maintenance and repair of oil-free screw air compressors of popular air compressor brands such as Ingersoll Rand, Atlas Copco, Compare, Sullair, Hitachi, Airman, Elgi, Kobelco, Fusheng, Compkorea, Hanbell, Hanshin, Buma, Yee, Kyungwon, so on.

Since its beginning, the principle and motto of Thiet bi Viet A’s operation have always been summed up in three words: “Described, Timely and Responsible”. All the success that Thiet bi Viet A gets today does not come because of luck. It is a continuous effort, with great support and trust from customers. Thiet bi Viet A is dedicated to bringing reputable, quality, and reliable products and services to the customer. The objective is to associate the growth of the company with the customer’s benefits. Suppose the customer has any questions and requirements about air dryers, air compressors; customers can reach the company’s expert for support and advice on time.

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About the Company: Thiet bi Viet A is among the oldest distributors of air compressors, air dryers, electric motors, gearboxes and so on.

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Organization: Viet A Service and Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd
Address: No. 19 – Alley 22 – Tan Thuy Street, Phuc Dong, Long Bien, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Phone: 0988 947 064

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