Thicao Launches Logo Designing Services

Leading design company Thicao has launched logo designing services. The company aims to provide innovative solutions to clients to create their brand logo.

Thicao announces the launch of their logo designing services with new designs and updated techniques. The company assures that these new ideas will benefit its clients in creating attractive brand logos for their company.

The CEO of the company stated, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of our logo designing services. Our company has always emphasized on developing innovative projects, and we will continue to do the same with our logo designing services.”
Thicao has developed these new designs based on thorough research they have conducted over the past few years. They have emphasized on color combinations to make new designs more attractive.

When it comes to an attractive logo, the innovative design and beautiful color combination drive maximum attention. The company is directing its new approaches to create logos to cater to the needs of the clients. “Requirements for every client are unique. We will ensure that our designs suit the background of our clients”, stated a spokesperson of the company. The brand also provided an account of how a logo is crucial in brand recognition. According to them, the goal of any company in developing a logo is to make every person recall the brand when they see that particular logo.

The company also discussed the importance of color variation in logos. They aim to implement primary colors in place of the complex ones to develop an attractive logo. In this context, a spokesperson of the company commented, “Our company looks forward to designing logos comprising basic color variations. Simple colors are usually more attractive in the eyes of an average individual.” He further commented, “There are a bunch of talented designers on boards who are looking forward to being part of this venture. We are hoping for a fruitful outcome.”

The organization also emphasized that they are also considering the size of a logo as a crucial factor. Logos that are developed for posters, billboards, web, etc. loses definition if scaled down to accommodate into letterheads and envelops. They are aiming to create logos in such a way that it can be used for all mediums. The company has already prepared an assembly line to make the process easier.

“We aim to conduct thorough research before starting any project. There are plans for brainstorming sessions after research, and our designers will develop preliminary sketches upon that,” stated the chief designer of Thicao. The company further mentioned that they will send the initial designs to the clients for approval. After they receive the approval or any changes that are to be made, they will start working on the final design and deliver it to the client.

In a nutshell, this new venture looks very promising for Thicao. They are pretty confident that they will be able to expand their business with this venture.

About the company:
Thicao - Advanced Design, formerly known as Dizen Brand Design, is one of the leading designing companies in Vietnam. It follows the philosophy of ‘Real Battle Design” to bring success and outstanding efficiency in its every project. They offer services including providing brand strategy, brand identity designing, communication campaigns designing and online interactive designing.

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