Attracts Technology Heavyweight Pham Quang Hung of to Join its Board

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Recently launched NFT Defi gaming company The Rocks ( is proud to announce they have joined forces with Pham Quang Hung of to join its board to help expand the company’s metaverse games project

Mr Pham Quang Hung ( has a wealth of experience in blockchain companies and gaming spanning over two decades and will oversee the huge growth predicted for NFT’s and Smart Contracts within the gaming and entertainment industry.

Mr. Pham Quang Hung’s company is a mini-flash games platform generator that’s one the most played sites in Southeast Asia and will use his experience to build the gaming platform and helping it reach a broader audience for the TheRocks Metaverse Games project.

About The Rocks
The Rocks is poised to be the future of digital collectibles on the blockchain, as the NFT game is built on the Binance Smarch Chain which offers lower fees and greater scalability. This multi faceted blockchain game and token involves collecting rare NFT based badass Rock creatures and using them to play, battle and trade with others all over the world.

Minting Characters

Users can create and then mint their characters from the site or they can purchase one of the standard hardened characters like Sharyn Stone or The Rawk or Barrock through the Marketplace. Users can choose their own favorite character to express their own personality by swapping out 4 unique parts; eyes, mouth, hat and body. In addition, when unlocking new levels, users will be rewarded with different 5th & 6th body parts. These rare characters can be minted and sold on The Rocks exchange.


Your characters can be used through multiple addictive games and battle arenas like Hangry Rocks, Running Rocks, Funky Rock, Rock-Paper-Scissor or Rocking Invasion. In Hangry Rocks players launch their Rocks from a cannon at various obstacles to clear them out and generate points similar to Angry Birds. In Funky Rock, players control their rocks, fly through the metaverse consuming stars and experience so one day it too can become a Funky Rock.. The rock that goes the furthest with the most number of skips gives the players exp points.

Each game increases the character’s experience points and unlock levels where users will be rewarded with decorative parts/items to enhance the value of their character ownership. The Rocks game spends up to 69% of its tokens to reward users and will be released on a fixed schedule for 3 years.

In the upcoming quarter, The Rocks will develop pipe so that 3rd game developers can release their games through the games The Rock portal.

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