Thermalabs Ultimitt Set Maintains Top-Rated Status

Thermalabs Ultimitt applicator mitt has maintained top-rated status on Amazon.

The Ultimitt Applicator set, one of Thermalabs top-grossing products of all time, has maintained its top-rated status on This product has won multiple accolades at, including being listed as a hot new release, product to watch, among many other highly coveted e-commerce honors. Ever since it was launched in 2013, Thermalabs Ultimitt applicator set has also been a perennial bestseller on the world’s largest online marketplace.

Thermalabs is a leading manufacturer of tanning aids and beach-related products. The company is based in the U.S., but operates manufacturing factories in other parts of the world. In the nearly three years that Thermalabs has participated in the global market, it’s released nearly 30 different products. This is no mean feat. Thermalabs influence is widely felt in the tanning niche, where it’s tanners and tanning accessories (such as Thermalabs airbrush system) are among the best available. In recent times, though, the company has expanded to cover other areas. Thermalabs started Tent World, a new sub-brand, to focus on new beach and sports tents that it's making. The company also introduced Organic Healthcare earlier this year. This is a semi-independent branch that is in charge of handmade healthcare product that the firm is working on.

Thermalabs Ultimitt is Thermalabs third ever release. Introduced in 2013, this item was designed to outdo the competition. It is bigger, better, and more effective (at least according to the product’s listing page on Amazon). Thermalabs has also said that its mitt delivers a streak-free tan, and covers the entire palms thus does not lead to staining after the tanning session. It is also compatible with tanning lotions and skincare products from competing brands such as St. Tropez, St. Moriz, Jergens, and Clarins. The Ultimitt is also longer-lasting, easy to wash, and doesn’t crack or stretch.

The Ultimitt has managed to garner an average 5-star rating from nearly 500 customers on Amazon. Zoe, a customer who bought the Ultimitt on, said, “I have very pale skin and have family genetics & history for skin cancer. I live in SoCal so summer dresses, bare shoulders, and sandals are the norm practically year round and yet I can't spend time sunning. Instead, I use tanner imported from the UK for skin that's as white as mine. :-/ You wouldn't think that the applicator would be as important, or maybe more so, than the tanning product itself. But after I started using this mitt, I may have changed my mind about that. I already use really high quality and high-cost self-tanner, but with this applicator it made the product affect even better. It leaves no streaks or smudges and looks more natural than ever before. I've used it with both liquid and mousse products with equal ease and success. This really is the very best applicator mitt out there. I've tried many of them and at price points much higher than the Thermalabs. This is a quality made fabric mitt that is easy to wash and reuse for a very long time. I've been using mine for several months now and it looks and performs like brand new. I highly recommend.”

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