Thermalabs Ultimitt Sells Thousands of Units on Independence Day

Thermalabs tan applicator mitt, the Ultimitt, sold over 5,000 units on Independence Day.

Alex Howard, a marketing coordinator working at Thermalabs, has revealed that their Ultimitt tan applicator mitt sold over 5,000 units on Independence Day. This is an extraordinary achievement for any product on Amazon, but no major surprise for Thermalabs. Apparently, the company has accomplished similar feats before. For instance, it sold over 1000 units of its pilot product, the original self-tanner, in just 24 hours.

Thermalabs is a premier cosmetics firm that’s based in New York. The company opened its doors nearly three years ago, starting with an innovative formula, a big goal and limited capital. The innovative formula for the company’s first-ever tanning lotion included ingredients such as Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, and Aloe Vera. The product delivered an impressive tan barely four hours after application. Shortly after, the firm introduced Glow2Go, its pack of tanning wipes that sold at half the price but double the count of the competition. Like the pilot product, Glow2Go was a major hit. The Ultimitt was Thermalabs third-ever product.

Following an extensive market study, Thermalabs established that there was the need for a better applicator mitt. Already, existing products in the market were either too small, or too ineffective. Smaller mitts led to a mess on the hands, while ineffective ones delivered an uneven application. Motivated by the evident need, Thermalabs designed the Ultimitt to be the bigger, better and longer-lasting mitt. The product received consumer applaud ever since its first day in the market. It led to a streak-free, uniform and soft application. It also didn’t crack or break easily and was easily washable. These are probably some of the many benefits that have made this product the bestseller it is.

Independence Day is a special holiday that marks the day when the U.S acquired independence from Britain. Thermalabs had earlier announced that it would be rolling out an extensive product-wide discount to mark this day. The company offered a $4 coupon for all its products selling online and hosted its best customers at its headquarters in New York.

The Ultimitt so far scored an average 5-star rating from over 446 reviews on This is an outstanding rating that highlights a product that meets users’ expectations. Heather Mason, a customer who bought and used the Ultimitt, reviewed, “Amazing!!! I admit that I am absolutely horrible at applying self-tanners. It sucks because I really need it. I'm white as a ghost. Every time I tried, I was embarrassed because when I went outside, I could totally see every stupid spot where I messed up. It was so sad that I just stopped doing it. This Mitt really helped me spread it evenly across my body in a fluid motion. It's really soft too. No streaks! Seriously, I wouldn't lie about this. In the directions, it says to use more of a wiping technique instead of rubbing it in. If I didn't read that, I would've just mushed it into my skin super hard. I made sure I exfoliated like it said and I'm sure that played a big part in getting a smooth tan. I was amazed by this product. I purchased with the Tan Physics Sunless Tanner, and both were amazing together...”

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