Thermalabs Ultimitt Scores Top-Star Ratings on Amazon

Thermalabs Ultimitt has managed to score an impressive 5-star average rating on

One of Thermalabs more popular products, the Ultimitt tan applicator mitt, has managed to score an impressive 5-star average rating from over 440 reviewers on Amazon is the world’s leading e-commerce marketplaces that brings together millions of sellers and buyers from all over the world. The Ultimitt has been a global bestseller for months, and this achievement is no surprise. Usually, when a product gets such a consistently high rating, it means that it’s living up to users’ expectations.

Thermalabs is a US cosmetics startup that was established sometimes back in 2013. The company was determined to discourage unhealthy practices common with people looking for a tan, such as basking in the sunlight. Thermalabs pilot product, the original self-tanner, was designed from heavily organic and natural ingredients. The product relied on ingredients such as Olive Oil, Green Tea, and Aloe Vera. Following a brilliant pre-market campaign, Thermalabs pilot product was a major hit, selling over 1000 products in day one. The company has since piggybacked on this initial success to effectively launch subsequent products.

Currently, Thermalabs has furnished the cosmetics space with at least 15 different products, most of which are premium tanning lotions and accessories. After the original self-tanner and Glow2Go, the Ultimitt was Thermalabs third-ever release. The produce was designed to seal a gaping hole in the market. Following intensive user surveys and research conducted by the company’s production department, Thermalabs realized that customers were largely dissatisfied with most mitts available in the market. Thus, the firm decided to create its own mitt that would be bigger, better and longer-lasting than any of the competition’s products. Thermalabs Ultimitt was the recommended applicator for the company’s lotions and self-tanners, but it was also compatible with products from other brands.

DMN, an Amazon user who bought Thermalabs Ultimitt reviewed, “I've used a lot of different types of self-tanners - foam, spray, lotion, etc. Each one just as difficult to smooth on the skin evenly. But, with this mitt, the application was the farthest from difficult. A must-have item when it comes to applying a flawless faux tan; obviously, you need to have the right tool for the job and if you could only choose one this should be it. This Thermalabs Ultimitt set provides a streak free fake tan and protects the hands from turning into a 100% avoidable mess. The size is great for big and little hands, but the mini size is perfect for getting into tighter spaces like in between fingers and toes without over saturating the skin with self-tanner or leaving blotchy demarcation lines. This is one of the many self-tanning mitts I have tried and the only one where the product hasn't seeped through the mitt's material ... no blotchy tinted fingers with this! However, I will say that in my preference for self-tanners, I find that this mitt set works exceptionally with FOAM tanners since they tend to have color guards as opposed to lotions. Just a friendly tip if you're looking for a great self-tanner to go with this mitt set, although Thermalabs does provide a few good lotions and really good to go towelettes, as well.”

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