Thermalabs Ultimitt Reaches 328 Reviews, With Average 5 Star Rating

Thermalabs Ultimitt tan applicator mitt has hit the 328 reviews mark on and scored an excellent 5-star rating.

One of Thermalabs most popular products, the Ultimitt tan applicator mitt, has reached 328 customer reviews on These are all people who have purchased the product, used it, and saw it fit to leave a comment of their own experience of the product. Notably, the product has garnered an excellent 5-star rating score from all of these reviews. This is considered a tremendous achievement for any product on, or any other e-commerce platform for that matter. The high number of positive reviews and ratings illustrates the products value to Thermalabs user base.

Thermalabs is a New York-based cosmetics company that became popular due to their top quality self-tanning formulations. The company has so far formulated and produced at least 14 products and accessories for the cosmetics industry. The Ultimitt is Thermalabs third-ever product, following the Natural Self Tanner, and the Glow2Go tanning wipes. The Natural Self Tanner, the company’s pilot launch, was a huge success. The product apparently helped set the stage for the success of the company’s future launches. The three products (Natural Self Tanner, Glow2Go, and Ultimitt) have helped the company generates millions of dollars in revenues.

The Ultimitt was designed to solve the problem of self-tanning mitts currently existing in the market. The product comes with a free carry poly bag and is designed to fit snugly. It’s apparently bigger and better than all other mitts in the market. More so, it doesn’t break, rip or fall apart during use. Ultimitt was a huge hit in the marketplace, right from day one. Perhaps the product’s ‘clean’ design, and well as its ability to simplify the process of applying for a tan helped with this. Up to date, Ultimitt has been a best seller in several of Amazon’s categories, including its Bath and Mitts category.

Lydia, an Amazon user who bought and used this product, reviewed, “15/16 dollars for a tanning mitt, combined with a slew of glowing five-star reviews that almost seemed too good to be true... I figured this was some kind of scam.

What do you know, I actually really like this tanning mitt.

It's soft, durable, lined (so you don't get any product on your hand inside the mitt during application), and it allows you to create a beautifully smooth and even tan. Perhaps my favourite feature of all is the wash-ability. As soon as I'm done applying my fake tan, I simply chuck the mitt into the washing machine with the rest of my laundry, and voila. Clean tanning mitt.

I've used this mitt about half a dozen times so far, and washed it about that many times as well (sometimes I hand wash it instead), and it's held up nicely. I wish it weren't quite so pricey (considering it is just a tanning mitt and all), but I can kind of justify it based on the material the mitt is made of, and the quality of the product overall. I'm also keeping in mind that I'll likely only have to buy one of these, as opposed to buying a whole succession of cheaper tanning mitts that wear down more easily.

Quick side note on the mini face tanning mitt: nice little addition I guess, but kinda gimmicky and relatively useless if you ask me. Granted, I don't really use self-tanner on my face much, but I tried it once when the mini mitt, and it was just kinda difficult to control given the size.”

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