Thermalabs Ultimitt Now the Number 1 Top-Grossing Product

Thermalabs has revealed that the Ultimitt is now their number 1 top-grossing product.

The Ultimitt tan applicator mitt has scored it to the top of Thermalabs top-grossing lists, beating all other of the company’s products to be the indisputable number 1 revenue generator. Thermalabs has managed to furnish the cosmetics market with at least 16 different products, most of which are already top performers in their respective categories. But it should be no surprise that the Ultimitt is the best-performing of them all, considered that this product has been an Amazon bestseller for months running.

Thermalabs was established sometimes in 2013. When the company just opened its doors, it had a small budget and big goals. The firm was dedicated to combating skin cancer. Increasingly, medical reports detailed that millions of people were getting skin cancer after over-exposing their skin to the sun’s harmful rays. Thermalabs was determined to reverse this trend by providing an extensive range of products that could help people look more beautiful while at the same time protecting their skin from the sun’s UV radiation, free radicals, and other environmental pollutants.

Thermalabs pilot launch, the original self-tanner, nailed it. This was a premium tanning lotion that relied on heavily organic and natural ingredients, including the likes of Green Tea, Aloe Vera, and Olive Oil. Following an intense pre-market campaign, the product was a major hit, selling over 1000 units on day one through The success that Thermalabs derived from this initial launch helped lay the stepping stones that the company used to prospect its upcoming products.

After original self-tanner and Glow2Go tanning wipes, the Ultimitt was Thermalabs third-ever product. This was a tan applicator mitt that was designed to beat all other similar products in the market. Following months of market research and deliberations with tanning fanatics, Thermalabs designed Ultimitt to be the better, bigger and longer-lasting mitt. It was compatible with lotions from brands and contributed to an even, no-stream application. More so, the product could easily fit on the hands, preventing the mess usually common with smaller mitts. These features perhaps helped make Ultimitt the successful product that it has been today.

Alex Howard, a marketing co-coordinator at Thermalabs, said, “Thermalabs Ultimitt has done it again for us. After months on the bestselling lists at and other major e-tailing marketplaces, we can now confirm that the Ultimitt has made it to the top of our revenue generation lists so far this year. This means it has easily knocked out other heavyweights such as our exfoliating mitt, our travel-size tanners, and even Glow2Go. When we first designed Ultimitt, we wanted it to be better, bigger mitt. We wanted it to work with just about any lotion or tanner out there – regardless of the brand. We invested time and resources to make sure that this product would be easy to wash, more effective and longer lasting. We are glad that we were right. Moving forward, we’ll be creating more similar products that clearly cut a niche for themselves in the market.”

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