Thermalabs Ultimitt Maintains Bestselling Status

Thermalabs Ultimitt has maintained its bestselling status on

The Ultimitt tan applicator mitt, a major product by cosmetics firm Thermalabs, has managed to keep its position as the number one global bestseller on Amazon is the world’s premier online marketplace that brings together millions of sellers and hundreds of millions of potential sellers. While this is good news for the company, it’s no surprise. The Ultimitt has remained at the top of global bestselling charts for months. This is reminiscent of a high-quality product that effectively meets users’ expectations. Other Thermalabs products that have made it to this exclusive position include the Glow2Go tan wipes and the Sunless Tanner.

Thermalabs is an innovative American company that makes self-tanners and other products for the beauty market. The company opened its doors some three years ago but has managed to establish a foothold in the highly competitive cosmetics industry. Thermalabs first product was a self-tanner that came in the form of a lotion. Designed from exclusive ingredients such as Green Tea, Aloe Vera, and Shea Butter, this lotion was marketed as the ‘most organic’ and ‘most natural’ self-tanning help available in the market. It delivered a beautiful tan within just four hours after application. The product attracted the attention of the self-tanning blogosphere, and various media outlets, driving the traffic that the then-new company needed to break the glass ceiling. The immense success of Thermalabs first-ever product set the stage for the company’s future releases.

Hot on the heels of its original self-tanner, Thermalabs was quick to introduce Glow2Go, it’s second-ever product. This was a pack of tanning wipes that sold at half the price but double the count of the competition. This proposition was irresistible to customers, who purchased the wipes in massive quantities. Thermalabs appeared to have found the secret ingredients that made people click in the cosmetics industry. The Ultimitt was the company’s third-ever release. Following months of intensive market research, Thermalabs found out that most consumers were unhappy with existing applicator mitts in the market. These products were either too small (or too big), too ineffective or didn’t last long. The company was determined to create a better product that would stand out of the crowd, and be a force to reckon with in the market. That’s how the Ultimitt came to be. It was designed to be bigger, better, and longer-lasting than any other mitt in the market. More so, Thermalabs also created the mitt in such a way that it was easy to wash and maintain. It delivered a uniform, streak-free application even with competitors’ lotions.

Currently, the Ultimitt has attracted an average 5-star rating from over 450 customers on Zoe, an Amazon customer who bought and used the Ultimitt, reviewed, “I have very pale skin and have family genetics & history for skin cancer. I live in SoCal so summer dresses, bare shoulders, and sandals are the norm practically year round and yet I can't spend time sunning. Instead, I use a tanner imported from the UK for skin that's as white as mine. :-/ You wouldn't think that the applicator would be as important, or maybe more so, than the tanning product itself. But after I started using this mitt, I may have changed my mind about that. I already use really high quality and high-cost self-tanner, but with this applicator it made the product affect even better. It leaves no streaks or smudges and looks more natural than ever before. I've used it with both liquid and mousse products with equal ease and success. This really is the very best applicator mitt out there. I've tried many of them and at price points much higher than the Thermalabs. This is a quality made fabric mitt that is easy to wash and reuse for a very long time. I've been using mine for several months now and it looks and performs like brand new. I highly recommend.”

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