Thermalabs Ultimitt Maintains a 5-Star Rating on Amazon

The Ultimitt, a key Thermalabs product, has maintained a top star rating on Amazon, almost three years after it was introduced.

Thermalabs Ultimitt has maintained an exclusive top star rating on The product has so far garnered an average 5-star rating from nearly 500 reviewers. The product has also been a global bestseller for months running. For any product, this is an extraordinary achievement. Thermalabs Ultimitt has clearly managed to outdo the competition in marketplace performance. According to niche critics, the product’s effectiveness is to thank for this.

Thermalabs is an innovative firm that started out manufacturing self tanners and tanning accessories. Thermalabs started out sometimes in 2013, introducing a pilot tanning lotion known as the original self tanner. The product took advantage of rare ingredients whose benefits for the skin are well defined. These included the Aloe Vera, Green Tea, and Olive Oil. Thanks to this product, Thermalabs made a rather remarkable and immensely successful market debut. This helped set the stage for the success of the firm’s upcoming products.

The Ultimitt tan applicator mitt was Thermalabs third-ever product. It was designed to tackle the problem of tanning mitts already available in the market. After conducting a series of surveys, Thermalabs realized that most consumers were either uncomfortable or unhappy with existing mitts. Either they were too small (such that they allowed some of the product to stain the hands), or they couldn’t guarantee an even application. Thermalabs made sure that its product was bigger, and that it contributed to a streak-free application. It also was compatible with tanning lotions and other products from competing brands, which all the same made it more popular.

Thermalabs Ultimitt ( is perhaps the best pinnacle of the company’s innovation. The mitt is among the firm’s top 3 bestselling products (the others are the original self tanner and Glow2Go lotion). It has effectively played a significant role towards helping Thermalabs graduate from a little-known player in the tanning niche to a major company in the global cosmetics scene.

The Ultimitt has also inspired the design and marketing of various other mitts released by Thermalabs. The product has been covered on leading industry blogs, as well as media outlets, giving the innovative brand the exposure it needs to reach out to a larger audience.

Chris, an Amazon user who gave this product a five-star rating, reviewed, “Wish I had purchased this sooner. I have been using sunless Tanner for over a year and streaking. This eliminates streaks and blotting. It is really amazing. If you plan on using tanning lotions or gels this is a must have. It's a pain to clean but well worth it because of the results.”

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