Thermalabs to Release 2 New Organic Exfoliating Scrubs

Thermalabs is finalizing production on two new additions to its Supremasea brand.

Thermalabs has revealed plans to release two new cosmetics products within a couple of weeks. The new launches will be organic exfoliating scrubs based on salts and minerals from the Dead Sea. In the last few months, Thermalabs introduced an exfoliating glove that’s based on all natural ingredients. The product is designed from Bamboo and Loofah, Jute and Sisal mitts, all naturally-occurring constituents. The fact that this product is already a bestseller in major markets, including the US and Europe, may have motivated the company to release the organic exfoliators soon.

Thermalabs appears to be doing a notable job in the cosmetics space. Already, the firm’s innovative solutions have helped it keep competitors at bay. A portfolio of the company’s earlier products, including the self-tanning lotion, the Glow2Go packet of tanning wipes, and the Ultimitt, are almost household names in the self-tanning niche. Critics have often argued that Thermalabs exclusive focus on natural and organic formulations has helped skyrocket it from a little-known brand to one of the biggest players in the cosmetic space.

Thermalabs was founded in New York almost three years ago. Registered as an American company, Thermalabs initial focus was on the US market. Its pilot product, a lotion going by the name ‘original self-tanner’, was a major launch. Following an intensive pre-launch campaign that focused on the product’s unique benefits and effectiveness, the lotion managed to sell thousands of units within a week. Its marketplace success attracted media attention to the then-new company, helping Thermalabs create a platform that it would later use to successfully launch future products.

Currently, Thermalabs has a portfolio of at least 15 products, including self-tanning lotions, spray tanning machines and tanning accessories. The company is also dedicated to a skin cancer-free world. That’s precisely why Thermalabs is big on natural and organic formulations that have no strange side effects on the skin. The firm also contributes a tenth of its annual profits to charity. Mostly, this portion goes to skin-care nonprofits that promote awareness against skin cancer, and educational institutions that that are actively hunting for a cure for cancer.

The organic exfoliating scrubs that the company is set to launch will be based on a combination of Dead Sea mineral salts, and conventional ingredients whose benefits for the skin have been known for ages. The exfoliators will launch under the company’s Supremasea brand, which is described as Thermalabs private collection of Dead Sea mineral based products. Already, this sub-brand introduced a product earlier last year – Tan Enhancer. This was a luxurious moisturizing lotion that helped tanning buffs maintain that perfect glow after a tan. It was based on a special blend of mineral salts, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and other ingredients that its’ protective and moisturizing benefits. The lotion keeps the skin supple and helps ward off free radicals and other environmental pollutants. It’s not clear, at this stage, what the new exfoliators will be named.

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