Thermalabs to Invest More in Research 2016

Cosmetics brand Thermalabs has hinted at more research efforts this year.

Beauty brand Thermalabs has revealed that it’ll be investing a bigger chunk of its profits in research this year. This is no surprise considered that the firm has been inventing one product after the other. Thermalabs appears to be one of the few companies in the general beauty industry that are keen on flooding the market with more cosmetics solutions that they care to try. The motivation behind this decision probably emanated from the global nature of the company’s current user base. According to a marketing co-coordinator stationed at the company’s New York City offices, there are many reasons why Thermalabs wants to do more research in 2016.

Research is the cornerstone of invention. Most new startups lag behind because there’s a massive research gap between them and their competitors. Companies that are effectively able to carry out successful research often come up with useful products that help them turn a profit. Especially in the cosmetics industry, firms need to conduct thorough research to come up with products that will work within the confines of health. A lot of users have complained that manufacturers are not hesitant about featuring chemicals within their formulations, and so emphasis on green, organic and natural products is noted.

Thermalabs is committed to a skin-cancer free world, especially at a time when millions of people are diagnosed with this terminal ailment annually. One of the key causes of skin cancer is excessive exposure to the sun’s harmful UV radiation. By discouraging this practice, while at the same time working on formulations that can provide better tanning results within the confines of healthy, Thermalabs has been able to kill two birds with the same stone.

The company was able to put up a comprehensive research department prior to its launch some two years ago. Although Thermalabs is an American company, its major research and development facilities are in Israel. In this location, a team of skincare experts and resourced researchers are stationed and working around the clock to invent the next great products for the cosmetics market. To date, most of Thermalabs products have been targeted at the self-tanning niche. But the company appears to be expanding its scope. In recent times, Thermalabs has launched a Beach Tent product, an exfoliating gloves set, and other products that are meant for the general beauty market.

Thermalabs prior research efforts have already contributed to some of the most profound products in the history of self-tanning, including their first original self-tanner, the tan enhancer, tanning accessories and many others. But according to the firm’s brand manager, this is apparently not enough. The company will be fishing in university research departments, medical institutions and other organizations to find members who can add to its team. This means more of the company’s funds will be diverted to research and trials, but this is likely to pay off handsomely in the near future. According to critics, this is a smart move for a company that’s looking to be the future of cosmetics!

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