Thermalabs to Introduce a New Brand, Tent World

Cosmetics brand Thermalabs is set to introduce a new sub-brand, Tent World.

Thermalabs, a leading cosmetics firm that is known due to their top notch formulations for the tanning market, has announced plans to introduce a new sub-brand in the coming weeks. The new outfit will be known as Tent World, and will host a new range of premium beach tents that Thermalabs is producing in response to gaping holes in the market. A preliminary analysis suggests that although there are dozens of well-known beach-tent brands available today, most users are not happy with the quality they are getting.

Thermalabs is a premier company that was established in New York about two and a half years ago. The company’s initial playing ground was the tanning market. Realizing that most competitors still included massive chemical ingredients in their self-tanning aids, Thermalabs designed a highly organic and natural tanning lotion, known as the original self-tanner, and brought it to market. The reception was incredible. Within a month, the product had sold tens of thousands of units, attracting media 'shine light' on the then-new company. The immense success of this first product indeed helped make Thermalabs the great company it is today. But it didn’t come easy. According to one Alex Howard, a marketing co-coordinator at the company, the Original Self Tanner was only launched following hours of painstaking research, and a brilliant marketing strategy that was very involving for anyone working at Thermalabs.

Despite being headquartered in New York, Thermalabs operates several production factories in other parts of the world. The main one is in Israel, where a team of pro skin-care researchers are consistently stretching their expertise to create exclusive formulations for new products. Thermalabs contributes a tenth of all its profits to Charity. This has helped give it that ‘noble’ feel that usually works in this industry. Most of these donations go to skincare nonprofits, as well as educational missions that are working behind the scenes to find a cure for cancer. The company’s obsession with product quality, great customer service, and overall bring-to-market strategy is to credit for its immense rise.

Tent World will ride on the existing success of the main brand (Thermalabs), to cultivate a new market. The primary prospects will be online shoppers who are disappointed with the beach tents they already own. Thermalabs has also revealed that it’ll add a wealth of new features to their new tents, including enhancing their protective capacity to keep away harmful radiation, and other environmental pollutants that have the capacity to impact negatively on otherwise healthy skin. Tent World follows in the footsteps of Supremasea, yet another sub-brand that was introduced by the company sometimes towards the end of last year. Supremasea is understood to be Thermalabs private collection of Dead Sea mineral based products. This sub-brand recently launched a product in the market, Tan Enhancer, which appears to be doing just great. According to Mr. Howard, Tent World will be naming its products after the nine planets in the solar system.

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